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Child fights for life after copying favourite cartoon character by jumping from balcony

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09 July 2020


Girl jumped from a balcony imitating her favourite cartoon. Picture: Ladybug & Cat Noir official channel

The young resident from an apartment block in Yakutsk jumped from a balcony imitating a character from her favourite cartoon called ‘Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir’.

The girl who comes from a loving closely-knit family was searching for her mother, who went out on a morning jog. 

She said her daughter was fast asleep when she left. 

Kuzmina street

The accident happened on Kuzmina Street, Yakutsk. Picture:

The girl explained that she woke up just before 8am, tried to switch on her cartoon but failed. 

She then went out on the balcony, opened the mosquito net and jumped down the second floor, a fall of around three metres. 

‘The cartoon is called Ladybug, the main character there is a ladybug, my daughter watches it, too,’ said a representative of Yakutia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. 


‘The cartoon is called Ladybug, the main character there is a ladybug, my daughter watches it, too.' Picture: Ladybug & Cat Noir official channel

Yakutsk police issued a warning to families following the accident, saying there were several cases with children jumping or falling out of windows this summer. 

Many ‘relied too much on mosquito nets, believing they could hold their weight’, police warned. 

‘I remember that after watching Mary Poppins me and my friends wanted to find a large umbrella and to give it a try when we were little. It’s quite a miracle we didn’t follow the plan’, one resident of Yakutsk told The Siberian Times after reading the news about the recent accident.

The accident happened in most populated Arctic city of Yakutsk. Picture: YSIA

Yakutsk GV

Comments (1)

That’s what happens when it is prohibited to be different and yourself in Russia. The dreams of the children are so intense that they lead them to unexpected actions. The first thought that came into my mind about Ladybug that the government could ban it in Russian TV. It’s the most common practice in Russia instead of discussions that are vital for the society.
PTch, Moscow, Russia
10/07/2020 15:25

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