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'Cinderella' paedophile who prayed on 'poor schoolgirls' arrested in Krasnoyarsk

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15 September 2017


Gavrilov remained in hiding from 31 March until 13 September when he was detained at his brother's apartment after initially resisting arrest. Picture: Russian Guards

The landowning father of two from Krasnoyarsk stalked girls in 'poor clothes' and offered them jobs as cleaners in his home or office, say police. 

If they agreed, he drove them to his apartment and raped them, often video recording the sex attacks to use as blackmail against the girls aged 14 to 17, it is alleged. 

Police were on the tail of a man nicknamed 'the paedophile with a plait' or 'Cinderlla rapist' in March, seen hanging around school and college gates in search of victims or answering 'jobs wanted' advertisements, but he fled.

His identikit picture was published in the local media but when he fled to Khakassia he changed his appearance, cutting his long hair and growing a beard. 


Offender with his child

The offender has a 'beautiful' wife, two children. Picture: TVK6, Russian Guards

He has been named Nikolay Gavrilov, 40, but this is not believed to be his genuine name. The man has a 'beautiful' wife, two children, and owns several apartments, a country house, and 24 plots of land. 

Olga Shamanskaya, a Krasnoyarsk region Investigative Committee official, said: 'The suspect invariably used one and the same scheme. He drove in his car to a college and waited until he saw a girl in poor clothes. 

'He started a conversation and offered each girl the same job - to clean up in his flat or office. If the girl agreed, he drove her to his apartment and raped her. 

'Some episodes he recorded on camera and later blackmailed the victims making them come to his place again where he once more raped them. 

Police storm

Police storm

Police storm

Police storm

Russian Gurad was to storm the flat where the offender hid. Pictures: Russian Guards, TVK6

'He was so sure in his impunity. He also searched for girls at websites of those looking for a job.'

Investigators believe there are more victims but they are shy to disclose themselves, blaming themselves for the sex attacks.

Gavrilov remained in hiding from 31 March until 13 September when he was detained at his brother's apartment after initially resisting arrest.

He has been charged with raping underage girls and use of blackmail. 

Comments (1)

lets hope he finds a good judge who gives him many years behind bars in a real nice prison. where the hardcore boys who are doing life do not like scum like that. and let them use the scum every night the way he used the innocent victims. does it make me feel good writing like that? do not think so. but at least the parents, friends or loved ones of the victims will get at least some satisfaction. and let the scum pray every night hat it will be his last night. put his prayers should no be heard up there.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
22/09/2017 13:09

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