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Crab collector fights for life after he was ‘skinned alive by bear’ on beach in Kuril Islands

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22 October 2019


A bear spotted close to the scene on Kunashir a few weeks before the incident. Picture:

The man was collecting crabs on a beach on the island of Kunashir when he was attacked by an adult bear that was with several younger beasts. 

He is in a coma after being overpowered by the wild animal despite locals using a vehicle to chase away the beast as it savaged the man. 

Ivanovsky was clinically dead but was resuscitated by paramedics, according to reports. 

Skin was torn from his scalp, back and buttocks.

Video shows the scene on Kunashir island after the attack.

A severe injury meant his leg was amputated. 

His ear was torn off but sewn back on by surgeons. 

Ivanovsky was flown to intensive care of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk regional hospital on Sakhalin island. 

Doctors were reported to be fighting for his life. 

Kunashir victim Alexey

Alexey Ivanovsky was clinically dead but was resuscitated by paramedics. Picture:

A second man called Alexander, 37, rushed to help him and was also injured by the bear. 

One account said: 'People threw everything to hand at (the bear).

‘It dragged Alexey, but our acquaintances …chased it away only by driving at it [by car] and dazzling with headlights.’

Mother-bear with two cubs spotted next to the tragedy site

Mother-bear with two cubs spotted next to the tragedy site

Mother-bear with two cubs spotted next to the tragedy site

Alleged attacker - mother bear with two cubs. Pictures: Kurilsky Nature Reserve

Paw prints in the sand suggest several bears including cubs were at the scene. 

One theory is that the attack was by a mother bear. 

In a second attack in the Russian Far East, a bear attacked two lighthouse keepers as they carried out repairs. 

GV of the area on Kunashir

GV of the area on Kunashir

Helicopter is ready to transport Alexey

Ivanovsky was flown from Kunashir to intensive care of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk regional hospital on Sakhalin island. Pictures:

One of the men was killed at Russkaya Bay, Kamchatka peninsula.

The second victim suffered injuries and was taken ashore by a military ship.

The dead was was later reported to be head of the lighthouse inspection team of military unit 13194.

Lighthouse at Russkaya Bay, Kamchatka peninsula. Pictures: Vasily Nikitinsky, Sasha Klevtsov

Lighthouse at Russkaya Bay

Lighthouse at Russkaya Bay

Comments (4)

"Man skins bear".... "Bear skins man".... what a world we live in.
Doc, US
30/10/2019 16:29
That is a neat looking coast line.I live on the coast of Alaska.The bears here and Russia must be about the same in numbers.There are times you can be at the wrong place and time.Always keep an eye an ear open.
But just like watching kids,you cannot watch everything all around at all times.Moma bear with cubs are the ones to watch out for.Moose with calfs are equally as dangerous.
James, Alaska
25/10/2019 04:05
Accidental incident..
No blame on the beast..
Could had been avoided by the prey himself by remaining vigil and causious at vulnerable places...
Farooq , Kashmir India
24/10/2019 13:30
never underestimate THE FURY OF A MOTHER. and as bad as it is, these guys there, who are being confronted with - wild - animals every day, should have known better.
MORAK Benedikt, Moscow
24/10/2019 09:44

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