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Deer curling in Siberia, as angler slides a roebuck to safety on frozen lake

By The Siberian Times reporter
03 January 2019

Heartwarming video shows a man hand-pushing stranded animal half a kilometre on ice.

‘I am a hunter myself, but I am acting as a rescuer now’, local Sergey Voronin said 

It is not cleat how the male deer got stuck on frozen Maloye lake in Krasnoyarsk region, as we only get to see the last moments of the rescue. 

Avid hunter and fisherman Sergey Voronin saw the struggling Siberian roebuck minutes after he arrived to the lake. 

‘I was just going fishing, and look at me now sliding a deer!’ he exclaims in the video as he continues to carefully push the animal towards shore. 

‘I am a hunter myself, but I am acting as a rescuer now’, he continued. 

‘We can’t hurt when someone is in trouble, neither a human, nor an animal.’

The video ends with Sergey filming the deer stumbling as it walked from ice to snow, and then cantering away. 

‘There he goes! So beautiful! Thank God for that, here he canters away!’, Sergey says, and adds: ‘All the best to you all, I am happy I’ve done it.

roebuck rescue Siberia

Roebuck rescue Siberia

Comments (6)

Thumbs up! Well done!
M. Mitchell Marmel, United States
14/01/2019 07:53
Geroi dnya: bravo!
Ivo, Holland
08/01/2019 21:42
it is good to see that there are still kind people around. who do things with no reward expected!
MORAK Benedikt, Moscow
04/01/2019 08:10
I agree with Botak and Jocelyne, heartwarming indeed and thank you Sergey for your compassion and strength of character.
Pamela K Tetarenko, United States
04/01/2019 01:10
Lucky Bambi...Your homeland is very beautiful . Bonne pêche !
Jocelyne, FRANCE
03/01/2019 19:49
A man’s character is well understood by how he treats beings that can do nothing for him in return for his kindness.
Botak, Kazakhstan
03/01/2019 19:08

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