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'If you emptied Lake Baikal, it would take every river in the world flowing into it a year to fill.'

Dog walks 200km across taiga as she looks for owners who rejected her

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20 July 2019


 'The dog had a panic attack, she was frightened.’ Picture: Darya Stulinskaya

This is an extraordinary story of the dog’s devotion to an owner who could no longer care for her, and of the animal’s wondrous sense of direction.

Kennel owner Alla Morozova in Novosibirsk sold Maru - full name Manora - to a couple in Krasnoyarsk when the dog was five months old. 

After six months the woman owner called Alla and said she was ‘allergic’ to the animals and asked the kennel to take the animal back.

'I never give up my puppies and when a dog is bought, it is stipulated that the owners should inform me if they do not need a dog anymore,’ she said. 

Maru in Krasnoyarsk

Maru's injured paw

Maru found by volunteers

‘She had walked and run for two and a half days. Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up.’ Pictures: Darya Stulinskaya, Prima TV, @homeless_dog_krsk

An arrangement was agreed to send the dog back to Novosibirsk on the train.

An attendant had agreed to care for the animal en route. 

But some 200 km into the journey the train stopped at a small station near Achinsk.

'The dog had a panic attack, she was frightened,’ said Alla.

‘She had been brought by her owners, then they disappeared somewhere. 

‘The noise of the train scared her…’


Krasnoyarsk railroad

Maru is believed to had been walking 200 kilometres from a tiny atation near Achinsk to Krasnoyarsk industrial zone.

‘The dog jumped on the compartment  door, kicked the handle to open it, and almost threw the conductor out of the way.

‘She jumped out like a bullet. 

‘When the door opened to the platform, she jumped out into the night, into the taiga.' 

The train only had a brief stop. The attended shouted for the dog but it failed to return.

The attendant called the owners in Krasnoyarsk and said the dog was missing.

They called Alla and she asked them to go to Achinsk area and search for the animal, but they refused.

She said: ‘That angered me. The owners were not upset at all, like, well, the dog is lost and that's all right. 

‘That was their answer. 

‘They gave the dog away and the load fell off their shoulders.' 

Alla posted messages about lost Maru and had leaflets distributed asking for information. 

Alla Morozova

Kennel owner Alla Morozova in Novosibirsk sold Maru - full name Manora - to a couple in Krasnoyarsk when the dog was five months old. Picture: OTS TV

Remarkably, the dog was found two and a half days later. 

She was located in an industrial area of Krasnoyarsk, trying to reach her owners. Her sense of direction is extraordinary.

‘She had walked and run for two and a half days. Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up.’

Both animals are prevalent in the wild here.

It is presumed she followed the railway track all the way back to Krasnoyarsk.

Maru in the dog shelter in Krasnoyarsk

Maru at the Krasnoyarsk dog shelter  

Maru at the Krasnoyarsk dog shelter owned by Darya Stulinskaya. Pictures: Darya Stulinskaya

‘Volunteers found her in an industrial zone. The dog was very tired.

‘She was lame, her paws were broken. The pads were damaged. Her muzzle was broken.

‘Maru fell from the railway embankment.' 

The volunteers who found her claim that she was ‘even in tears’.

Maru on the way to Novosibirsk with Alyona Makhova

Maru on the way to Novosibirsk with Alyona Makhova

Alla’s friend Alyona Makhova drove the dog to the kennels in Novosibirsk. Pictures: Alyona Makhova

Alla said: 'I'm sure that she was looking for her house. Dogs are very attached to people. 

‘She did not run to Novosibirsk, she wanted to go back where she lived. It is surprising that she went the right way. 

‘Geographically, she had no reference points at all. In the city she used to walk only in the yard, she never went anywhere else. 

‘And  to make her away through the wild taiga, it is an amazing case. 

Maru arrived in Novosibirsk

Maru meets her parents

Maru meets her parents

Maru was reunited with her mother and father. Pictures: OTS TV

‘This is a breed developed by gamekeepers… Imagine, after so many generations, the qualities of the breed have helped her.' 

Alla’s friend Alyona Makhova drove the dog to the kennels in Novosibirsk where Maru was reunited with her mother and father. 

She is now undergoing treatment to recover from her ordeal.

Comments (33)

Is there any update on Maru yet .. so sad this sweetheart was not appreciated by the selfishness of others .. she is gorgeous
Elaine Rutland-Smith, United Kingdom
21/08/2021 21:01
I am truly touched by this story. Alla Morozova of Novosibirsk and her friend Alyona Makhova are truly special. Marc has my heart. I have to forgive hose who gave her up, I cannot focus on what happen, but I hope they learned from this and in the future realize that a dog is a soul and this dog is truly very special. I would love and care for and truly value a friend like Marc. I have been through some truly hard times and my babies have always been with me. We go through this together, and I could never part with them or stand to see their hurt. I am glad for Marc and I see her having an exceptional future and All and Alyona will have goodness and mercy following them.
Sandy Stephenson, Lexington, Kentucky, United. States
25/03/2020 04:01
This is Extraordinary what a Remarkable Story. Mary is a Remarkable Dog! I have had a Bull Mastiff since he was 9wks old & he will be turning 5 soon. He is my Angel Baby. I can't Imagine Maru going thru such Tragically Horrific Events to be turned down & away. The Anxiety she must have. She needs a patient, loving & spoiled home! I have other dogs as well & would love to adopt Maru❤ My concerns to get her to whatever loving stable home safely! If she's up for adoption I'd love to be a candidate! Thank you & Thanks for caring for her and giving her the love, support & safety net she needs! Lisa
Lisa Mallach, United States Monona Wi
11/02/2020 04:00
Hope she is recovering. I would live to have her.
Rose , Huntsville Alabama
20/12/2019 02:12
Omg bring her to FLA to me please !
. My girl looks just like her n is my pride. I could never imagine leaving her behind.She is my shadow. My heart ❤ my daughter. My best friend! Gypsy is a full blooded mastiff also. I rescued from Tennessee. They are the best dogs !! Next to boxers
Alice Poole, United States
12/10/2019 07:03
If she hasn’t been adopted I’ll take her
Lisa Flammia , Springhill Florida
12/10/2019 02:12
I like to adopt her. Please contact me. Mail to.
Katharina, Germany
06/08/2019 15:50
Please give Maru to me. I will take good care for her.
Tee Sitti, Northern Thailand
05/08/2019 06:45
my first tears of the day. it breaks my heart to read such stories. who wouldn't want this beautiful dog. i do hope she finds her forever home
Maggie Brimson, United Kingdom
29/07/2019 20:07
I want to adopt this beautiful dog and give her a new great home with my Bordeaux Dog.
Marco, Arnhem - Holland.
27/07/2019 02:47
I will adopt this animal .!!!
Chris , Fresno, California. United States of America
26/07/2019 05:00
Poor thing. How can people be so ruthless? I hope she gets a beautiful new home . I'd love to adopt her but I guess for the dogs wellbeing its better she goes into local adoption and has not to fly thousands of kilometres?
Victoria, Spain
24/07/2019 19:45
I would love to give her a home she is absolutely beautiful
Lisa Trend, Berryville Arkansas
23/07/2019 22:45
Hello, I saw her story and love to adopt her, could somebody give me the email of the shelter where she is so I can contact them and ask what is the procedure fr adoption.
ramona, Switzerland - Lugano
23/07/2019 22:38
I would love to adopt this dog! What a sweet and loyal boy
Gina Gasparre, Las Vegas nevada
23/07/2019 21:04

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