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Dog rescued after tail and hind legs get frozen on iced lake

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12 November 2018


'No way it could get out by itself, with both hind legs and tail frozen'. Picture: Zabaikalsk rescuers

Video shows how the dog was rescued from being frozen to death on the Siberian lake. 

The animal had become frozen on the lake, its tail and hind paws stuck in the ice. 

The Zabaikalsk firefighters rescue squad - who patrol the lake using a Zhuk-4 hovercraft — saved the dog, possibly abandoned, from certain death. 

‘Rescuers spotted a dog lying in one place for a long time,’ said a spokesman. 'When they got close, they saw that both its hind legs and tail were frozen into the ice.

'There was no way it could get out by itself. 

‘Rescuers freed the dog from the ice trap and brought it to the shore.' 

They warmed and fed the grateful hound.

The rescued animal is believed to be a Moscow watchdog.

dog rescue Chita

dog rescue Chita

dog rescue Chita

dog rescue Chita
Dog rescued after tail and hind legs get frozen on iced lake. Pictures: Zabaikalsk rescuers

No owner came to collect the animal, so the dog was allowed to go on its way.

Temperatures in the region have been around -2C during the day, and -10C or lower at night. 

Comments (10)

Many thanks for the dog's brave rescuers. I wish them a lot of happines and power in their self-sacrificing profession!
Gábor Debrődi, Hungary
26/12/2018 06:27
I know cold. This was an act of sadism. Since there is no other explanation. I suspect someone wet the dog and held him down. Have seen this done with cats. Creeps! Beware!
Sisuanna K, Alaska
17/11/2018 02:10
Come now. Is Russian dog! If no one helps, stay on ice until spring, then swim ashore. Only fur stuck with ice. Blood 40% alcohol. Lose weight yes! - Svelte for Summer!

In Russia, many dogs are communal assets. Aka, strays. MANY. It's a popular cultural feature. But they are neither lost nor straying; the dogs know where they are, the people know where they are. Just a different way of having dogs.

This is a good looking dog. A large heavy breed, crossed with a light-built large breed.

Go to YouTube or something, and see about 'russia dogs'. Just after 'russia dashcam'. Be enlightened. ;)
Ted Clayton, Forks WA, USA
15/11/2018 09:39
Hind legs and tail in the ice!One tough dog to be able to walk away free after that.Humans would not be so lucky after being found like that.
James, Alaska
15/11/2018 03:39
THANK YOU and GOD BLESS the men that saved this beautiful, helpless dog. I hope and pray that someone will open their hearts and give him a safe & loving home. I wish it could be me!
Brenda, Fredericktown, PA USA
13/11/2018 23:40
WHY would they just let this poor dog go in the freezing cold? Certainly there had to be someone to take him home!
Susan Clark, Dublin Ohio USA
13/11/2018 22:00
thank you for helping this dog. God bless you!
Larry G Dahl Jr, usa
13/11/2018 06:50
God bless all the compassionate rescuers. It's unfortunate, there was not an organization available to assist this noble dog. Dogs give so much unconditional love to humans. Loyal companions. I pray this beautiful dog finds a generous, compassionate, and loving person(s) who can rescue him on time.
Laura, USA
13/11/2018 06:28
Why would they leave him on his on all they do was save him one day then leave him to go freeze the next day.
eva, orlando fl
13/11/2018 04:54
Beautiful and brave dog, thank to the rescuers.Hope he find people to love him
Jocelyne, FRANCE
12/11/2018 16:13

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