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Dog tortured to death in sickening New Year stunt

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05 January 2013


The helpless animal, alive at the start of this deplorable stunt, was tethered by the front feet and pulled at speed behind a silver coloured Toyota Corolla car over snow covered streets

Bloggers have united in a bid to identify the twisted killers and bring them to justice. The dog died in a sickening New Year prank in Severniy, a suburb of Novosibirsk, say reports. 

The helpless animal, alive at the start of this deplorable stunt, was tethered by the front feet and pulled at speed behind a silver coloured Toyota Corolla car over snow covered streets. At the time, the temperature in Novosibirsk was around minus 25C.

After the dog was killed, the drunkards cut the rope and proudly took the picture of their victim.

It is not known if the animal was a household pet or a stray dog - but the revolting treatment it was subjected to has resulted in a web appeal to identify and shame those responsible. 

The image emerged on 4 January, two days after the act of torture, and was going viral on Russian social sites. 

'We are searching for witnesses' said one posting.  

'Yesterday, 2 January, at approximately 10 pm, some bast***s were driving around Severniy village, dragging the dog tied with a rope to a car behind them.

'The car is silver Toyota Corolla. We didn't spot the number plate.'

Ironically, the horrific picture emerged on the same day that famous 77 year old Hollywood actress Brigette Bardot threatened to leave her native France and seek Russian citizenship over plans to put to death two elephants at a zoo in Lyon.

The elephants called Baby and Nepal have contracted tuberculosis. 

'If the powers that be have the cowardice and the shamelessness to kill Baby and Nepal, I have decided to take Russian nationality and quit this country that is nothing more an animal cemetery,' she warned.

In 2011 Bardot, a 1960s sex symbol, hailed Vladimir Putin - who this week granted Russian citizenship to actor Gerard Depardieu - as 'my favourite prime minister' after he banned the import and export of harp seal skins.

But after the revelation of the dog picture, one posting from Irina Serebryanaya asked in disbelief: 'And Brigette Bardot is going to move to Russia because of the elephants....?'

Pyotr Markov wrote: 'They are sadists, maniacs.' 

Yevgeniya Yudintseva declared: 'I feel sick. Dear God, poor creature!'

Comments (5)

Until humans get to recognise animals as being equal to people in the eyes of the Creator, i.e. we all have souls and are here for a purpose, and desrve to be treated with love, compassion and justice under law, people will do nasty things to animals, because they can. And to each other. The story makes a point but would have been more interesting if telling what happened to the perps once they were caught as a 'lesson in morality'?
Philip , UK
06/01/2013 20:03
Comment on tortured dog story. (Why don't you increase your allowance per comment allocation?)

OK, here's my 2 cents. I'm a dog lover. But I'm also a realist. I won't go into 'shock horror' mode. Sorry. Why not? Perspective. If this was a human being, adult or child, the perps would be charged with murderr or manslaughter. Its an animal, so killing 'it' (why not him or her?) is NOT unlawful. Torture is revolting, but while of a human unlawful, of an animal 'merely' distasteful, repugnant. i.e. they will probably get away with it. After all, we put bad people (criminals) in prison cages but we put good animals in cages called zoos. Why? We torture animals (geese for pate, calves for veal by malnourishing them). We torture chickens by growing them in cages where they can scarecely move or breathe. Many people conside this normal (well they are 'only' chickens, food animals...). It is said that some East Asian cultures eat dog meat. Revolting? Some of us eat horsemeat. Etc.

If I saw someone torturing a dog or cat I'd probably kill them. In the nastiest possible way. In my imagination. In reality if I took action I'd probably be breaking A law, while they wouldn't. Do we as humans need to rethink ourt attitudes to all life, human and non-human?
Philip , UK
06/01/2013 20:03
These reprobates deserve the same.
mitzi c koehl, mt airy,nc usa
06/01/2013 08:59
Bloody people, pardon my French. This poor dog was the only one among them deserving to live
Dennis , East
05/01/2013 22:58
words just left me. There is no way a softy liberal punishment can work on swines like this... in fact, if they are so thick you wonder if anything ever works
Olga, Russia
05/01/2013 12:12

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