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Dozens of dogs 'killed and skinned to make fur hats' in Krasnoyarsk

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20 February 2013


'Since all the dogs were skinned we suspect that animals were killed by - or on the order of - workers of a leather or fur workshop', police said. Picture: The Siberian Times

There are fears the animals were slaughtered and skinned to make shoes, clothes or hats. 

'Police are seeking  people who killed and skinned the dogs,' said regional police spokesman Vladimir Yurchenko.

'Since all the dogs were skinned we suspect that animals were killed by - or on the order of - workers of a leather or fur workshop. We are questioning workers of all such shops in the area. There is another version which is that the dogs could have been killed by dog hunters that follow stray dogs'.

The sinister discovery was made by residents in Berezovsky district of Krasnoyarsk. Police believe the remains were dumped some days before.

They are uncertain exactly how many animals' remains were in the sacks. Cruelty to animals carries punishments of up to two years in jail. 

Comments (5)

Grey hounds they kill and eat. These dogs got thicker fur so they will kill them like there wild animals. You know what I say bout that. Loser get s job morons x
angelina ricketts., england
24/01/2017 01:16
There are no words harsh enough for these, these animals. And I very much agree with the comment that a simple two years is in no way harsh enough.
Cheryl, USA
23/02/2013 01:20
Kate, you are correct. If there was not a demand, then these beautiful creature would not be slaughtered. I have always loved the wolves and heard so many stores from my parents both from Ukraine.

No I do not like it, but what can we do!!
Valentyna, Perth, Scotland
22/02/2013 14:51
I second you Valentina. This is horrible. But I also think that it's the problem of the people buying these products as well. If there is demand there always will be the supply, no matter if we like it or not.
Kate, Russia
22/02/2013 02:50
This is no different to what happens to the greyhounds in China, where they skin them alive and use their skins to make coats, handbags, etc. and sell these items to the west.

It is disgraceful and evil. The perpetrators should receive the same treatment not just two years in jail.
Valentyna, Perth, Scotland
21/02/2013 19:06

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