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Endangered Amur tiger killed by poachers in the Far East of Russia

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 September 2020

One of world’s largest and rarest big cats was reintroduced to nature just over a year ago.

Pavlik the tiger pictured with sister Elena during their time in Tiger rehabilitation centre in the Far East of Russia. Picture: Centre Tiger

The three year old male Amur tiger called Pavlik was shot by unknown poachers. Some local media reports also suggested its head and paws were severed.

The tiger had a GPS-collar after it was reintroduced back to the wild, its signal was constantly monitored by a group of scientists. 

On 8 September the signal went missing, prompting an immediate search by a group of wildlife protection experts. 

On 23 September Pavlik’s body was found. It was confirmed that the poacher, or the poachers, tried and failed to remove the collar after shooting the rare animal. 

Endangered Amur tiger killed by poachers in the Far East of Russia

Endangered Amur tiger killed by poachers in the Far East of Russia
Pavlik is pictured carried and driven to the place of his release in May 2019. Pictures: Centre Tiger, Anton Zyablov

The Amur tiger is the world’s largest big cat. Less than 600 adult animals - 95% of the world population - live in Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk regions, Amur region and the Jewish Autonomous region in the Far East of Russia. 

Pavlik and his sister Yelena had to be removed from the wild together with their mother in February 2018 after their mother started hunting house dogs in the village of Aleksey-Nikolskoye. 

A conflict resolving group tried to scare the mother off, but it didn’t work, and the family had to be caught. Both cubs were just over six months old. 

The rehabilitation centre’s experts concluded that the mother was of poor health and could not be returned to the wild. 

She was sent to nature park in Krasnoyarsk, Western Siberia. 

Endangered Amur tiger killed by poachers in the Far East of Russia

Endangered Amur tiger killed by poachers in the Far East of Russia
Cubs Pavlik and Elena pictured playing at Centre Tiger's rehabilitation centre in the Far East of Russia. Pictures: Centre Tiger 

The cubs spent months in the rehabilitation centre, learning to hunt, and were released back to the wild in May 2019 - each with a GPS collar to follow their movements and monitor their well-being. Both tigers proved to be excellent hunters. 

Pavlik turned out to be an adventurer: he crossed the Amur River from Russia to China, and swam across the Bureya water reservoir. 

‘I heard that some monsters killed Amur tiger Pavlik who was released into the wild a year ago. What an awful case… I will seek the most severe punishment for those responsible. They won't get away with it!’ Vasily Orlov, governor of Primorsky region wrote on his social media.

Police have started a criminal case under article 258.1 of Russia’s Criminal Code, ‘The killing of an animal listed in the Red Book.’ 

The maximum punishment for an offender is an imprisonment for up to four years with a fine of up to one million rubles. 

Cubs Pavlik and Elena filmed playing at Centre Tiger's rehabilitation centre in the Far East of Russia. Video: Centre Tiger

Comments (10)

We need to work towards the reasons for hunting and poaching....poverty causes conflict the greatest threat to all the planet businesses through mining are destroying habitat for humans as well as the natural world.. but why is there so much mining.....?
Demand and supply go hand in hand.
Ruhie Duffin , Stollet, Sweden
07/10/2020 01:31
they should be behind bars!
maria, greece
03/10/2020 08:43
Que gente de mierda que mata animales salvajes y encima que están es peligro de extinción.
Alvaro, Argentina
01/10/2020 07:55
news like that show it is impossible to protect an animal around the clock. might that be Elephants,Rhinos,Tigers or other animals. therefore ZOOPARKS will play an even more important role in protecting those magnificent animals. It MIGHT be not always the most ideal palce. but at least they are safe there. because in the wild, sooner or later they will become extinct. never mind what a government does, how high the fines are or how harsh the penalties.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
30/09/2020 09:23
Very sad news. Perhaps we could set up an Eco Tourist adventure involving these Tigers. This way they are more valuable alive than dead trophies!!!
Garry Peters, Auckland New Zealand
29/09/2020 14:35
Very sad....paws and other parts are probably headed to China to create "life enrichment, "like the sadistic, torturous things they do to totoaba, pangolins, rhinos, sharks to harvest their body parts. It's a sick culture.
SteveC, Odessa FL USA
29/09/2020 01:07
Sickening and truly tragic end to this exquisite rare creature's short life...This poor Amur tiger family's story is tragic in itself. RIP Pavlik and may your soul adventure and run free in heaven for eternity... Reminds me of the equally sickening trophy hunt of the gorgeous father lion Cecil in 2015, which created a worldwide shitstorm. The monster psycopath who killed Cecil was unfortunately not punished. These monsters will receive maximum punishment. Thank you Mr Vasily Orlov, Governor of Primorsky, the police and Russia for setting the example. That murdering an endangered creature is a crime and must be treated so.
Anonymous, Switzerland
27/09/2020 21:53
What a beautiful, majestic animals . It was a great job to help these cubs....this news is very painful....hope police will catch the poachers !
Jocelyne, FRANCE
27/09/2020 18:47
This is so sad! Tigers are classified as an endangered species for many years and there's no need to kill that beautiful animal, it's rare and the most beautiful big cats. Humans should stop poaching more comprehensive range of animals in the wild, it's very cruel and if they dare kill more endangered wild animals throughout the years, they'll go extinct sadly.
Sam Osborne, United Kingdom
27/09/2020 16:25
It's very sad to hear about killing of such magnificent creation of Nature ... Russian in govt needs to take strict action against such poachers to save tigers..
Ashish Bhatnagar, India
27/09/2020 16:16

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