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Facebook unpublishes The Siberian Times page

By Team the Siberian Times
30 October 2019

There is no reason for it, and we are appealing. Please if you can do support us via FB appeal centre.



Comments (23)

THis yet one of Facebook's "strange" and opaque censorship policies. In a nutshell: UNACCEPTABLE!
Francisco Espírito-Santo, Coimbra/Portugal
19/11/2019 09:10
I was enjoying your page and can see no reason for this hope you get it back. But I don't see anything in the appeals section were I can help get it back.
John Finlayson, Scotland
08/11/2019 05:53
@MORAK Benedikjt - I see no ads because I run an ad blocker. According to this, the ads it blocks here come from four sources:,, and

Hoping this helps!
Paul, London, UK
05/11/2019 23:21
to all who write here all these funny comments... when you open the article, do you see an advertising? i live in Moscow and i see an advertising for an 18+ Film, - S e x D o l l-. I clicked onto the link and it comes to an i would call it not to nice film. Together with one not to nice picture. Maybe that is the reason? Advertising is country specific? what advertising do you see? if any. By the way it is only on the first page.This is already the 19th or 20th comment, meaning also a second page. There is no advertising at all.During the DAY i also see a different advertising. Clothes and shoes and the likes. That - S e x D o l l ad is only late night early morning. it is 5.30 in the morning in Moscow, so by 6 it should be replaced with something else. WHO is placing this ads? SibTimes? An outside company? Google?Yahoo? Whoever, that we do not know?
MORAK Benedikjt, Moscow
04/11/2019 08:33
Why for the love of me would Facebook Unpublish The Siberian Times
What did they do wrong....besides sharing their captures of their amazing landscapes
Johanna, South Africa
03/11/2019 14:27
Love Siberian Times Facebook is for those who live life vicariously.
Vuki, Kamloops Canada
03/11/2019 10:22
Facebook is corrupt, its money mad, & it is an imposter. Zuckerberg should be paying Siberian Times damages for stealing & for breach of copyright. Siberian Times you're still a class act to me.
Jaker, Dundalk
03/11/2019 04:29
Spero sia un errore di Facebook. Ho segnalato come bug.
Brogin Maria Cristina, Italia
02/11/2019 15:47
I'm surprised why facebook did so.
I would read you here till facebook correct this outrage
Luis Àlvarez Martí, Espanya
02/11/2019 03:59
When you mention SIBERIA people think of a part of Russia that is always cold and covered in Snow.The photo`s and stories in The Siberian Times give in insight in to the beautiful and varied Flora, Fauna and lifestyle there.I share these photo`s and stories with my MANY facebook friends in many countries.It would be a SHAME if I could no longer do so.It is a very diverse and interesting region across the four Seasons and I get lots of " LIKES " for the ones I post----SO PLEASE LET IT STAY ON
Haydn, Wigan,England
02/11/2019 03:13
I will follow you directly. Sorry for you because of this limitation
Ugo, Italy
01/11/2019 13:56
Facebook sucks. I wouldn't touch it and neither should you...

Work on building your own web presence instead of F*ckerberg's.

This might give you a few clues as to these latest shenanigans:


"...we don’t want our services to be used to manipulate people."

Of course, not. He's in court, you aren't .Lol...

#_O xxx
Paul, London, UK
01/11/2019 05:43
Facebook is for lemmings! This is a great website and I tell people here about it often. Where I'm at these folks are just across the river.
Brett Connor, Kotzebue, Alaska USA
01/11/2019 05:09
I never did go on face book.And never will.
James, Alaska
01/11/2019 03:07
Siberian Times is loved by lots of people like me because of depth and variety of issues. Why fb has become tool in the hands of us government
RAUF TAQI, Pakistan
01/11/2019 02:26

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