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'In the West sometimes they think that Siberia is snow and nothing else. But there is such life and energy here!'
dancer Sergei Polunin

Facebook unpublishes The Siberian Times page

By Team the Siberian Times
30 October 2019

There is no reason for it, and we are appealing. Please if you can do support us via FB appeal centre.



Comments (29)

When you mention SIBERIA people think of a part of Russia that is always cold and covered in Snow.The photo`s and stories in The Siberian Times give in insight in to the beautiful and varied Flora, Fauna and lifestyle there.I share these photo`s and stories with my MANY facebook friends in many countries.It would be a SHAME if I could no longer do so.It is a very diverse and interesting region across the four Seasons and I get lots of " LIKES " for the ones I post----SO PLEASE LET IT STAY ON
Haydn, Wigan,England
02/11/2019 03:13
I will follow you directly. Sorry for you because of this limitation
Ugo, Italy
01/11/2019 13:56
Facebook sucks. I wouldn't touch it and neither should you...

Work on building your own web presence instead of F*ckerberg's.

This might give you a few clues as to these latest shenanigans:


"...we don’t want our services to be used to manipulate people."

Of course, not. He's in court, you aren't .Lol...

#_O xxx
Paul, London, UK
01/11/2019 05:43
Facebook is for lemmings! This is a great website and I tell people here about it often. Where I'm at these folks are just across the river.
Brett Connor, Kotzebue, Alaska USA
01/11/2019 05:09
I never did go on face book.And never will.
James, Alaska
01/11/2019 03:07
Siberian Times is loved by lots of people like me because of depth and variety of issues. Why fb has become tool in the hands of us government
RAUF TAQI, Pakistan
01/11/2019 02:26
Facebook may spread lies but I use it only for my own causes which I want to spread whether they are good news or bad news as long as they are true to the best of my knowledge. I want to spread the good news of Amur tigers flourishing again in their homeland and hopefully will be left alone to live in peace. I have been to Siberia and Khabarovsk but unfortunately that was more than 30 years ago. Love the country and have just finished writing a Russian Fairytale due to come out shortly in English and to be translated into Russia subsequently. .Look me up on Chantal Ardouin.
Chantal Watremez, United Kingdom
31/10/2019 19:17
I'm not on Facebook - but I really like the The Siberian Times - I cannot imagine why it should be banned - it is full of interesting material on arctic realms that I can't find anywhere else. Shame on Facebook.
Keith Tinkler, Canada
31/10/2019 17:54
I HATE Facebook. Never use it. But I've got the Siberian Times bookmarked and check it each and every day. Frankly, Facebook needs to be abolished. Don't support it. Don't use it. They're spying on EVERYONE. Read "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power" by Shoshana Zuboff. It's an eye-opener on what they are doing with your data. NOBODY should be using Facebook if they're smart.
John, USA
31/10/2019 07:29
Lucky you. Facebook is the base of lies and false statements and they freely acknowledge that any one can make up anything they want and present it as the truth. Being disconnected from Facebook means that the Siberian Times has a displayed that they publish articles that are truthful. People who get their news from Facebook are not worth publishing too anyway.
john, billings, montana
31/10/2019 06:16
Forget FB, look at web site.
John, Earth
31/10/2019 04:26
I didn't know there was a FB page as I come here directly. I always found the news here to be non biased and straight forward so I will gie my support via appeal in FB.
Alan Charles, New York USA
31/10/2019 03:35
Unbelievable act ! - I guess this is in the name of democracy, free press, and freedom of speech !
Jan Haman, Geislingen / Germany
31/10/2019 00:17
Facebook behaviour is outrageous and very stupid.
Maurizio, Italy
30/10/2019 21:53

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