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Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family

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27 May 2019


Yulia Savenkova, 36, was buried on May 26 in her home town of Aleisk

The tragic road accident happened on Barnaul to Rubtsovsk motorway in the Altai region. 

Yulia Savenkova, the successful owner of a Siberian forging factory, was driving to her mother’s birthday party when she was forced to pull onto the road roadside.

The narrow two-lane highway was blanketed with smoke from burning grass.

She got out of her Ford vehicle. 

Yulia was about to get back into the car when she saw a cargo truck speeding up towards her.

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family
Yulia, 36, rescued sons and grandmother at the cost of her own life. Pictures: Yulia Savenkova, Tatyana Esenina 

Eyewitness Tatiana said: ’The truck’s driver was going fast despite the thick gaze of smoke, not realising there was a stationary car in front of him. 

‘But Yulia knew there were were seconds before it smashed the back of her car with boys and grandmother strapped in their seats, and she started running towards the truck’.

The driver saw her and remmed on his brakes.

‘The cargo truck mowed down Yulia with its left front wheel, driving over her, but slowing as the trucker braked. 

‘The truck still crashed into the Ford, but the speed and the force of it was a lot less compared to what it would have been. 

‘I helped to pull the boys and the grandmother out of the car…’, Tatiana wrote. 

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family

Hero mother throws herself under truck to save her family
Yulia's sons are still at hospital, recovering from the accident, her grandmother was allowed to leave the clinis

Both boys - aged 4 and 11 - were rushed to a nearby clinic with concussions, and were later transported to a bigger hospital in Barnaul. 

Yulia’s husband and mother-in-law Yelena Savenkova are by their side. 

‘I have no words, I’m overcome with grief and shock. The boys are going to be all right, my son and I are with them, we’ll make sure they get better,’ said Yulia’s mother-in-law.

She confirmed that Yulia’s grandmother spent two days at the hospital and was discharged on the day on Yulia’s funeral. 

The tragic mother was buried (on Sunday 26 May) in the home town of Aleysk where her parents live. 

‘She was an ambitious, optimistic, supportive mother and wife’, said a grieving relative Elizaveta Savenkova. 

‘It was as if she gave another life to her children by what she did in that accident.’

Comments (11)

Truck driver slowed once he saw car. Don't pick on the Truck Driver it was bad visibility. This woman is a TRUE HERO lets not forget her!!!
Scott Coleman, Pinconning Michigan
12/06/2019 07:44
Terrible tragedy because of a careless truck driver. Rüski, slow down. Save lives. Think a bit before you kill someone if you have something in your head to think with.
George Keselman, United States
08/06/2019 10:12
Much love and peace to you, her courage is an inspiration. Life is short and sweet and sometimes so tragic best wishes in your grief from Australia.
Simon Hosking, Mullumbimby Australia
07/06/2019 15:41
No greater Love
John, Minnesota, USA
06/06/2019 00:03
Hero mom...incredible woman.
-rob, Colorado
04/06/2019 08:25
My wife and my most sincere condolences. It's always a shame when a young life is lost. Because of her bravery her life was not wasted.
Al Glofcheski, Keewatin, Ontario Canada
02/06/2019 23:51
God bless your soul, you amazing sweet lady.
Tracy Jamieson, United States
02/06/2019 05:28
Poem for Yulia

Your bright blue eyes are the mirror of your soul

You was always thinking what is the real goal

You gave up of your life instead of your sons lives

There are not so many human beings which have that goal

But your bright blue eyes told me about the golden soul
Leiah Sariell, Lapland Finland
01/06/2019 03:42
So brave! So beautiful. So giving! She gave life twice to her children. I believe it is part if her inheritance when i see hiw many of your soldiers were willing ti die in WW2 especially. RIP
Patricia Gothard, Laguna Woods. Ca
30/05/2019 02:33
I wonder how many of us would have the courage to do as she did. To know you are going to die wile trying to give a chance to let others live.
They say that our actions define who we are, her actions made her among the best that has walked the earth
Alex, sweden
28/05/2019 16:41
This is awful happening; while reading it I was crying all the time. You never know which is the last day you live. But she saved her sons and grandmother. So young...comparing with the England's Princess Diana.
Leiah Sariell, Lapland Finland
27/05/2019 20:14

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