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Horrific 'child murder' in Siberia as infant's remains 'found in oven'

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24 January 2013


A man has admitted killing and dismembering his helpless six month old niece and putting her remains in a roasting hot oven. Picture: Trans-Baikal regional police

Andrey Gadzhiev, 34, is under arrest in the Transbaikal region, say TV reports citing police. His sister Elena Titova, 29, had left him caring for the child for 15 minutes while she visited neighbours to borrow some baby clothes.

When she returned there was no sign of the baby and her drunk brother could not explain what had happened to the unnamed child.

She searched the house in Oldonda village, and then looked outside in the remote village. 

Back indoors, she  noticed a strange smell from the stove.

baby killed in Chita, Trans-Baikal region

baby killed in Chita, Trans-Baikal region

Baby killed in Trans-Baikal region
Police arrested the man 'with only two fingers' who showed no emotion as he admitted to killing the child. Pictures: Trans-Baikal regional police

Opening the hot oven, she discovered the roasting remains her daughter's body. Later she found a dismembered fragment of the leg of the child by the sink in the kitchen. 

Police arrested the man 'with only two fingers' who showed no emotion as he admitted to killing the child. 

He had 'pushed' the child, he told police. This led her to fall, killing her. 

He wanted to hide the body, so put the remains in the oven, he explained. 


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Something is wrong with ppl from there. Once I've been in a relationship with a buryat from that area. She wasn't 100% okay, possible child-abuser for sure, I was very happy when I could get away from her.
Attila, BudHun
25/01/2013 19:22

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