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'Baikal is starting to attract pioneering tourists looking for an extreme wilderness experience'

Hungry polar bear arrives in industrial Norilsk after walking 1,500 km inland in search of food

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17 June 2019


‘This is a unique and rare case.' Picture: Putorana Tour

The emergency services initially refused to believe the predator was in a district of the city. 

But videos showed the ‘skinny’ wild animal scavenging in the snow for food. 

Anatoly Nikolaychyuk, head of Taymyr department of state hunting control, said: 'I went there tonight and saw him in person.

‘This is a unique and rare case. 

'There are two options now - either to relocate him to the shore, or, perhaps, some zoo will take him.' 

Norilsk is some 500 km from the open shore yet locals believe the bear has walked much further to reach the city, crossing the vast Taymyr Peninsula.

On his journey to the Talnakh district of Norilsk the predator has walked into brown bear territory. 

Reports say the bear is likely to be moved to the Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, although some residents are campaigning to see the bear sent back under sedation to the coast. 

Map of the route

Polar bears

Polar bears

The bear is believed to walk for 1,500 kilometres from the islands in Kara Sea. A decision is expected in two weeks after the bear's condition is assessed. Pictures: The Siberian Times, Irina Menyushina, Go Arctic

Oleg Krashevsky - who specialises in tours to the remote Putorana plateau - posted: 'I don't understand how the bear could have walked such distance, across Taymyr and not come across anyone.

'He must have encountered  many hunters.

'The same thing happened in 1970’s when a polar bear showed up at an explosives  warehouse around the same place as this time.’

One video showed the animal close to fire. 

'It can be seen that the bear is not afraid of anything, including fire.

'And if he has no fear, this is dangerous.’

Polar bears are an endangered species in Russia’s Red Book. 

Polar bear in Norilsk

Polar bear in Norilsk

Polar bear in Norilsk

Polar bear in Norilsk

Polar bear in Norilsk

Polar bear in Norilsk

'If he has no fear, this is dangerous.’ Pioctures: Denis Kokoulin, Typical Norilsk, Putorana Tour, Oleg Krashovskii. 

They mainly live along the shore and in the islands of the Northern Ocean and often travel for hundreds of kilometres searching for food. 

This time the bear has taken a long detour inland. 

The adventurous bear was today becoming a star attraction in Norilsk - amid reports that his footsteps showed him heading in the direction of downtown.

Comments (6)

OMG! It's proof of Global Warming! The arctic is getting so hot that the bears are moving south in search of colder climate. We are all doomed!
Ben Dover, Anytown/USA
27/06/2019 05:10
Please save her! What's her latest condition? Please inform us.

Azad Abul Kalam, Dhaka, Bangladesh
22/06/2019 22:16
Please not the zoo or just for a short time to put meat on the bear's bones. Poor thing.
Kerstin, Austria
19/06/2019 21:51
Many around the world concerned asking is he being fed...I am sure many caring people/locals who are suggesting the same thing...please let us know.
Dona, Australia
19/06/2019 13:04
only one -human - solution. use a dart gun, make him sleep. and bring him FAR away from any human habitation. and leave lots of food there, so he will not be tempted to go waling once more...
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
18/06/2019 09:40
From 2019 back to 1970 is 49 years. So he arrived early for the 50th anniversary of his great great uncle who visited there back in 1970. Leave it to Bears to be on time and cordial. And I bet he had a Bearly great time on his journey.
I hope he gets treated Bearly well while visiting!
And I bet he can Bearly believe he completed his journey and got there on time.
Plus those people of the community can Bear witness to his arrival.
Bearly Bearly I say into thee. I Bear no false witnesses!
I'm sure it also was (a simple Bear Necessity) for him to travel for this festive event.
And I bet the people of the community Bearly remember when his Uncle arrived all those years ago.

Brett Connor, Kotzebue, Alaska USA
18/06/2019 08:13

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