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Jailed for life, cop child murderer and mass rapist of underage girls

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02 April 2018


He was a serving policeman aged 23 when he committed the crimes in 2015, but has since left the service. Picture: Investigative Committee

The 26 year old policeman - pictured here but not named - was found guilty today by a jury of raping then killing Albina Ganzei, 10.

He was also convicted of 18 more rapes and violent sexual attacks against three underaged girls. 

He was a serving policeman aged 23 when he committed the crimes in 2015, but has since left the service. 

Then man was caught in 2016.

Albina Ganzei

Albina Ganzei

The charred remains of Albina were found on 20 September 2015 near the village of Krasnoyarovka in Primorsky region. 

His cell phone and computer contained ‘numerous’ images and videos showing ‘vile’ child pornography. 

In two crimes he had accomplices - an unnamed man and woman. 

They were found guilty of sexual violence against children and jailed. 

The woman got was sentenced to three and a half years, the man to four years.


The offender caught Albina on her way to school in Lazo. 

The charred remains of Albina were found on 20 September 2015 near the village of Krasnoyarovka in Primorsky region. 

She had been walking to school from her home in Lazo, when he offered to give her a lift in his car. 

She was then raped, beaten and killed. 

He set her body on fire, but failed to destroy her remains. 


He showed the police how exactly he committed the crime. 

Earlier, teachers and locals had taken part in a frantic search for the missing child. 

Her scorched body was found in long grass, and she still wore her pink shoes. 

He singed his hands as he killed her. 

The former policeman was caught when he returned to the crime scene. 

Her death was initially linked with two others, but police say the other girls were killed by another murderer. 

Comments (3)

Such a sad story. its hurts me to think of the pain this child suffered just before her death. Benedikt Morak, I hope your prediction comes true for this man's life in prison.
Steven J, Ohio, USA
09/04/2018 00:03
All I need is a loaded gun and a chopper. Take him out into the forest and shoot him in the knees then leave him there for the wolves and bears to take care of.
Al, Seattle USA
05/04/2018 02:14
in prison the inmates will quickly find out who they are and what they did. and this is one thing even the hardest criminal will not - tolerate-. if that might be the appropriate word. these 3 people will pray every day that this was their last night in jail. because they will receive 100 times worse than they did. and good so.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
03/04/2018 11:53

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