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Love warms up the coldest city in the world

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15 February 2014


The winning couple kissed for one hour and 20 minutes. Picture:

The contest was called 'Love warms you up' and 18 couples took part braving a surprisingly mild minus 29C to show their love. The winners locked lips for almost an hour and a half in the capital of the Sakha Republic, also called Yakutia. 

'The first couple dropped out after half an hour,' said organiser Natalya Argunova. 'After another half an hour, the contest rules were tightened up and the men had to pick up their girlfriends in their arms. The 10 most frost-proof and determined couples kept up the battle for the main prize.

'The winning couple kissed for one hour and 20 minutes.'

The winners, named by local media as Artyom and Galina, beat the runners-up by one minute. The couple, dating for six months, won a dinner at a local Italian restaurant in Yakutsk. Yakutsk, built on permafrost, has average January temperatures of minus 40C, which is also minus 40F. 

But on St Valentine's Day, it was a little warmer. 

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