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Man lost in remote taiga for one week climbs tree to save himself from angry bear

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05 July 2017


He told of his ordeal in the tree and how the bear savaged the dog. Picture: Kuznetsky Alatau

The brave dog bravely held off the bear, giving her master time to climb a tree - but was fatally attacked by the animal. 

Ilyushits survived for seven days and nights in the wild without food or water, with both bears and wolves in the vicinity. 

He got lost after leaving Alekseyevka village and managed to message his brother from his mobile phone to order a search. 

Rescuers found his trail - including a shelter he made, and the ashes of a fire, and a note stating his direction of movement, but then lost the clues again. 

Rescuers and Andrey

Rescuers and Andrey Ilyushits (second from the right). Picture: Internal Ministry

An unmanned aircraft from Rosgvardiya was used in the search the next day but it was fruitless.

On the fifth day of searching, rescuers found the missing man who had been lost by then for one week.

He told of his ordeal in the tree and how the bear savaged the dog. 

He is believed to have remained in the tree 'many hours' before proceeding in vain to find his way out of the taiga to the nearest settlement. 

The man is believed to have walked for at least 40 kilometres.

Exhausted Andrey Ilyushits survived clinging to branches in Kemerovo region. Picture: The Siberian Times


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An exciting few sentences. 5 days of cruel excitement.
bill inge, norwood, usa
07/07/2017 05:38

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