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'Irkutsk has the sins, the false hair, and the perfume for which Paris is noted'

Mystery gets murkier over cloud that turned day into night

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24 July 2018


The territory impacted by the mysterious gloom is larger than Italy.

Day suddenly turned to night around noon on Friday, and for almost three hours locals needed torches to see where they were going.

The area hit by the bizarre darkness now appears more extensive than first reported when it was said to have covered Eveno-Bytantaisky and Zhigansky districts of Russia’s coldest region - Yakutia.

Now reports say the sun dimmed in Verkhoyansky too.

The territory impacted by the mysterious gloom is larger than Italy.

The darkness had a ‘yellow’ tinge, or was associated with dust clouds, say various versions.

Some blamed the work of the devil but the main assumption initially was that smoke from raging wildfires in other districts had blotted out the sun.

Yet some official sources have expressed doubts over this theory without explaining what caused the weird phenomenon.

Into this vacuum locals have swapped theories on WhatsApp and other social media over the cause of the darkness like an eclipse - except there wasn’t one.

Another source said: ‘This can only be explained by a UFO.’

A local resident in from Eveno-Bytantaisky said:

‘Messages are going around about about a light flash registered by the US satellites, followed by increase of radioactive level and unusual activity of the  military. 

‘We are never going to be told is this was true or false.’

Another source said: ‘This can only be explained by a UFO.’

An official in Nizhne-Bytantaisky settlement  contradicted residents who had reported a thick layer of dust after the cloud and darkness vanished.

’There was no dust,’ he said.. 

‘At first it looked like it was a strong thunderstorm coming. 

‘The air went dark, and got darker and darker, but this time unlike anything else we have seen before the darkness had a rich yellow undertone. 

‘It was very unusual. 

The sun turned red in Yakutsk because of the wildfires raging in the republic. Picture: @foro_by_oleg7

‘We doubt the solar eclipse version. 

‘Usually weather stations and media inform everyone about eclipses in advance. 

‘And no eclipse can last this long.’

Konstantin Starostin, head of the settlement, said: ‘When the Sun vanished, people started calling us in the administration. 

‘Many got scared, specially elderly people. 

‘People who live here for many years said they had never witnessed anything like this.’ 

‘The darkness was pitch black. 

‘It didn’t come at once, but grew gradually. 

‘The Sun was gone from 11.30 until 14.00 on Friday 20 July.'

‘The air went dark, and got darker and darker, but this time unlike anything else we have seen before the darkness had a rich yellow undertone.'

‘There was no dust. Many were coming outside, so many witnesses can confirm that there was no dust. 

‘There was no sharp decrease in air temperature either as it happened. But on that night the air dropped down to -4C.

‘We don’t know what to think. 

‘We have no experts, and rumours keep growing.

‘If this was linked to some kind of military tests, I would say so.’

The Sun didn’t ‘leave’ all Arctic Yakutia districts. 

Head of Verkhoyansk town Yevgeny Potapov said that ‘the sun didn’t disappear, but something strange happened on that day.’ 

The territory engulfed by the fire this morning was estimated as about 1,200,000 hectares.

'There was something looking like smoke on 20 July. At least this is what we decided. We didn’t have nearby wildfires, but there was one at the border with Eveno-Bytantaisky ulus. 

‘It was as if the day has gone overcast, as if the sun was covered with a cloud, or not a cloud… but there was no rain’, Potapov said. 

‘We didn’t know what was happening to our neighbours’, Potapov added. 

‘We thought stories about no sun were rumours, but then we realised these were not.

‘We are also trying to guess as to what could have this possibly been.’

Yet there has been no clarification from meteorological, defence, or other deferral officials.

‘We get warnings about eclipses,’ he said, indicating there had been no such alert.

‘It could have been a meteorite, but surely not that big.

‘This is really unclear.’

Evidently almost all Arctic districts reported a significant temperature fall.

Comments (23)

It is connected to Nibiru and Planet X and can be a dust storm but what caught my attention was noon to 3 PM which reminds me of Yeshua's Death. As for 3 days and 3 nights of darkness, that would be during the Bowl Judgments of Revelation between Biblical Day of Trumpet and Biblical Day of Atonement in the 120th Jubilee year which is 5778/2018 between Oct 10 to Oct 20. Ezekiel 38-39 War ends on the Day of Atonement with the marriage of the Groom and bride and Armageddon. Battle of Megiddo 1918 +100 years = Battle of Megiddo, 2018. In 1918, it was between Sept 19 and Sept 25 with 3 battles (19, 23, 25).
In 2018 The Biblical Calendar is one month behind the Rabbinic Calendar. Sept 11 Rabbinic Day of Trumpet is actually Elul 1 (Sign of Jonah and that Day is the Day of Rapture with an axial poleshift of that week. Global earthquake will be between 3.0-12.0. Oct 10 Earthquake will be between 12.0-30.0. Trumpet judgments every 5 days apart.
John Ashcraft, United States
21/08/2018 04:09
Did the darkness appear in all the places it appeared in at the same time? That would not be likely to be caused by smoke.
Lucy Kelly, London, United Kingdom
07/08/2018 05:36
Maybe it was a gravity effect. Ive heard that gravity pulls at light, leaving only red light to travel onward. I think its called 'red shift'. Maybe Planet X had a local gravitational effect.

Ive also heard that according to the electric universe theory, nearby planets can cause plasma effects in the sky. Maybe this affects light, too.
Lucy Kelly, London, United Kingdom
07/08/2018 05:29
Has anyone had a thought that it could have been a methane explosion in the atmosphere ? With the temps up there that hot, the ground and permafrost is melting and releasing tons of methane. I don't know if it would blackout the sun but it's a thought. No matter the physical cause though, Gods signs are everywhere and ppl need to pay attention.1689
26/07/2018 16:57
Nada é tão simples quanto parece assim também tudo o que acontece se torna visivel com a mais clara Luz.
Hoje estou quase dormindo. Continarei amanha; Obrigado
Pablo Ernesto Arbeletche, Brasil
26/07/2018 14:20
Scarry May GOD save us all!
Robert, Washougal WA.USA
26/07/2018 11:40
ALOHA Everyone,
I always raise an eyebrow whenever I hear that the military is silent... hmmm?? If there was that much smoke, you could smell it. If there was dust in some areas, why didn't anyone have the wherewithal to collect some and have it tested? It looks like one of those mysteries that will forever take on the strangest of possibilities...
AuntyKeli, Honoluulu, HI
26/07/2018 05:29
Astronomy and Holy Scriptures coincide...Coming soon the " 3 Days of Darkness" . The Book of Revelation.

God will chastise the world with darkness at the end of time. The Earth will be enveloped by darkness lasting three days and three nights. Then we will be in another World totally unlike ours.
Jean D, Cannes/France
26/07/2018 03:49
Fire smoke>,57.62,653/loc=25.170,47.468I;c:132.0,65.5;l:week
Cappt, Boise U.S.
26/07/2018 01:11
Countdown: «Day of the end of the world and the end of time»: «2 of december of 2019»
Arpenteurgeometra, Brazil
25/07/2018 21:38
It was caused by nibiru and its 12 moons. They have powerful electricity on it. So when their powers focused one region, they reflected the sun light. And made that region dimmed and got darked.
Andy, Korea
25/07/2018 19:48
I think,....when it`s / war real....., then think as on the "earth axis shift" and the trend to the "full inversion" as on the "earth axis wobble....
Ronald Dehmlow, Germany
25/07/2018 18:19
I believe the cloud was a dust storm caused by the flight of Rodan.
Jonathan Farley, New York, USA
25/07/2018 18:18
It is Trump's fault. HA HA HA!
Larensky, Mamush
25/07/2018 14:13
can anyone else spot the lies throughout this article?
0, U.S.
25/07/2018 11:42

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