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'A quarter of the world's timber grows within Siberia’s boundaries'

Vladimir Putin's tiger Kuzya returns to Russia after eventful two month Chinese holiday

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10 December 2014


Siberian tiger walking in the wild caught on photo-traps. Picture: Russian Geographical Society

The tiger was one of three released into the wild by the Russian president in June, but in October it was reported he had swum across the Amur River in search of food in China. 

Then followed allegations - later denied - that the Siberian tiger had raided a henhouse and was in danger of being shot by angry farmers. 

The news of Kuzya's return to Russia was reported by the the official Xinhua news agency. Experts predicted he would soon be back to China.

'Kuzya is very likely to visit China again as it marked the areas he visited with his urine, designating his 'territory',' explained Zhang Minghai, vice director of the Feline Research Centre at China's State Forestry Administration.

Zhang added that China 'has a sound forest ecosystem and plenty of food' - although Xinhua noted that the tiger 'never ate domestic animals' during his two-month visit.

Putin's Siberian tiger cleared of eating Chinese takeaway dinner

Putin's Siberian tiger cleared of eating Chinese takeaway dinner

Kuzya as a cub and pictured moments before release into the wild. Pictures: Deita, 'Tiger' inspection

Concern over Kuzya's fate prompted diplomatic contacts between the two countries to ensure his safety as far as possible. Kuzya was one of five orphaned tigers found and cared for by wildlife officials in the Far East of Russia. 

After being trained how to hunt, they were released into the wild.

Kuzya's brother Ustin - not released by Putin - also ventured into Chinese territory last month. He was accused of killing 15 goats in a remote  village.

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I went to Siberia last year before going with a trip to niagara falls from boston where I found a chance to see the Siberian tigers. My younger brother forces me to visit this region but I would like to say that I am not disappointed after exploring it.
jack james, USA
12/12/2014 16:36

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