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'Lake Baikal: the very name fills Russian hearts with awe'

Mummified remains of '200 year old man in lotus position' found in Mongolia

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28 January 2015


The mummy was delivered to Ulaanbataar National Centre of Forensic Expertise. Picture: 'Өглөөний сонин'

This extraordinary picture shows the mummifed male body which is believed to be several centuries old. It was found  at 6.30 pm 27 January 2015 in Songinokhairkhan province, reported Mongolia's 'Morning Newspaper'.

'The mummified body sits in a lotus position, as if still meditating.

'Experts that only had time to carry basic visual test say they believe the body can be about 200 years old'.

The report added: 'So far there is no information as to where the body was found. The only details we learned was that it was covered with a cattle skin'.

meditating mummy found in Mongolia
A 'meditating mummy' found on 27th of January in Mongolia. Picture: 'Өглөөний сонин'

It was not clear if it was the skin of a cow, horse, or camel, said the report. The mummy was delivered to Ulaanbataar National Centre of Forensic Expertise'.

Initial speculation is that the mummy could be a teacher of famous Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov.

Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, born in 1852, was a Buryat Buddhist Lama of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, best known for the lifelike state of his body.

His remains were reported not to be subject to macroscopic decay.

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Comments (28)

How is he alive? He's not... This article has false information and is unreliable. See more at to see why this is false. (However common sense should tell you that a two hundred year old man is a two hundred year old man and therefore will be dead.)
S, America
25/11/2020 01:42
I'm with Darlene from Kentucky - the shadows and low resolution are playing havoc with my brain. I am also trying to figure out why there is what looks like a hole in his abdomen or perhaps a flap of skin wrapped across his abdomen? It almost looks like another arm in there, although I know that's most likely not the case.
TheMadOne, Pennsylvania
28/03/2016 23:29
How it possible, he may be god servent. Really I surprised !!!!! Or he know the alive mantra!
mahendra G chetri, India
18/02/2015 19:35
no heart beat ,, = dead .... simple ...
J,Belican, philippines
10/02/2015 14:28
rohith, india
07/02/2015 12:23
Looks dead to me, if there is no heartbeat then he is dead. Probably died in meditation.
dave, planet earth
07/02/2015 06:50
If we are really seeking for peace we should arrange world religions conference all religion and politicion leaders should promiss for peace than only possible i think no other real way of peace nobody have done it since beginning of world
Ramdas, nj usa
05/02/2015 09:46
It is believed through the discipline of the mediator that they can leave the body fully before it decays so that little to no decay happens. This is what happened to this monk. Do not worry about his vessel. He is gone, he has most likely surpassed the Bardo and depending on his merit has become enlightened or in Bodhisattva state (returns to earth in a new form on behalf of all sentient beings! to stay until no more sentient beings suffer...)
p.s when they figure out who he is then most likely the Tibetan Buddhists will want his body so they can put it in a stupa of sorts. depending on which linage he belonged to (and area) they will decide what is best for his remains. Remains like this are very rare and auspicious to us only to that it reminds us of our impermanence on earth and that we do not own this vessel we call a body. only using it temporarily!)

lamrim, universe
30/01/2015 23:24
It is not disrespectful for them to being doing this. (the scientists that is, it happens rarely but when it does usually scientists want to see what is going on and most of the time the community they come from has no qualms of doing so) The body is empty, its just an empty vessel. We Buddhists (from this tradition and all traditions) dont believe we stay in our bodies after we die. In fact we are taught to let go of the body before death. This is apart of our training. These happen, when a monk knows they are close to dying, they prepare themselves and leave this earth in this position, they mediate and use whatever teachings they have learned to leave peacefully.
lamrim, universe
30/01/2015 23:23
I hope they can straighten him out and put him in a proper coffin so he can have true peace!
PS, joking on that of course :)
Senator Cruz, Texas, America!
30/01/2015 12:47
The article says "the mummy could be a teacher of famous Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov" and then goes on to give some details about the student (including the 1852 birthdate), not about the teacher. I think that confuses readers.
Steve, San Jose, CA
30/01/2015 11:18
The article says "the mummy could be a teacher of famous Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov" and then goes on to give some details about the student (including the 1852 birthdate), not about the teacher. I think that confuses readers.
Steve, San Jose, CA
30/01/2015 11:17
I've been an American student of Tibetan Buddhism for about 16 years and have been told by lamas, and dharma texts, about advanced masters who died in meditation and whose bodies did not decompose for very long times. Thanks to your article, my faith in such accounts has now increased. I am also regretful that I could not, before this news, totally accept the accounts from people and texts for whom I held extremely high regard.
S.A., Oakland/CA/USA
30/01/2015 10:46
Joe, Washington DC...I totally, 100% agree with you, in every way!! He is sitting peacefully, he died praying. YES leave him ALONE. Why touch him at all? In the name of Science?....Bah!
Rensina, Carmila Australia
30/01/2015 09:43
30/01/2015 08:33

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