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NEWSFLASH: Parts of a 'spaceship' found in mysterious new crater in northern Siberia

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01 April 2015


Scientists reported a 'hostile environment' at the 48 metre deep crater but did not give further details before their call was cut. Picture: Russian Academy of Sciences 

The team from the Russian Academy of Sciences used a satellite phone  to report the discovery of an 'unidentified object resembling a space capsule' in one of dozens of craters to have been discovered recently on the remote Yamal peninsula in Arctic Russia.   

The scientists said the grey-coloured object was made of a metal 'unknown on Earth'. They reported a 'hostile environment' at the 48 metre deep crater but did not give further details before their call was cut.

Experts from a leading Siberian university also requested an emergency evacuation from the crater site after an unexplained fault with their helicopter. 

Satellite image

Satellite image of the crater, which presumably contained 'unidentified object resembling a space capsule'. Picture: Russian Academy of Sciences

'At this moment their call ended, and we could not reach them again. When we sent a back-up helicopter to the site there was no sign of the three-man team,' said a spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry. 

'They have vanished. The crater was empty. Searching will continue throughout 1 April.'

Rescuers 'do not exclude that the men have been kidnapped'.

The team had been investigating the cause of the mystery craters, and were taking detailed measurements at the site. 

Rescuers helicopter

 The team from the Russian Academy of Sciences minutes before their flight to the crater. Picture: Russian Academy of Sciences

Until now it was assumed the the mysterious holes appearing in Yamal were  caused by methane explosions resulting from the release of gas by melting ice. 

Other theories were that they were caused by meteorites, or stray rockets. Another version was that holes were dug by humans as a hoax. 

Comments (5)

I hope the scientists are found alive.
Cicero, SP/Brazil
02/05/2015 00:55
i dont know what is it, but i think theres something like a giant alien worm inside the hole. luke a fruit worm... is it our planet is a orange? I will bit the ground...wait a momet... Ohhhh my mouth.... our planet its not a orange... maybe a apple... waint a moment... Oohhhhh my mouth....
Bob Dog, Suvacas / Mexico
15/04/2015 17:18
That was a good try, Siberian Times.
Jaker, Dundalk
08/04/2015 01:50
Nice apriles fool article :)
Bela, Hungary
01/04/2015 18:23
Fool's Day? ;-)
Jm, Spain
01/04/2015 17:05

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