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Woman survives after being buried alive by bear in ferocious attack

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13 May 2015


Rescuers including a wildlife protection specialist rushed to the scene and the bear started to attack the group. Picture: Vostokmedia

WARNING: garphic content!

The mother-of-two, a post office worker, was attacked by the bear when she was collecting birch sap in forests near Tynda, in Amur region. Her dog started to bark, sensing the danger. 

The wild animal then attacked the dog and her, as her unnamed friend escaped to alert the emergency services. The bear evidently thought the woman was dead and sought to bury her and hide its prey, apparently saving its next meal.

Rescuers including a wildlife protection specialist rushed to the scene and the bear started to attack the group. They shot the bear, a four year old female. 

Then they noticed the woman's hand jutting out from under a pile of leaves. They cleared the foliage and found Natalya alive and conscious, though seriously injured.

Bear attack in Tynda

Bear attack in Tynda

Bear attack in Tynda

Dramatic pictures showed the woman - covered in blood and with claw injuries visible on her arm - the moment she was rescued, and the dead bear. Picture: Tatyana Nikolayeva, Teleport2001, Vostokmedia

'Have you killed the bear?' she asked. 

She suffered severe injuries to her head and thigh, and is in deep shock. The bear clawed at her hair and skin, said one report. She was rushed to Tynda hospital where doctors said she is in a 'severe' condition. 

Dramatic pictures showed the woman - covered in blood and with claw injuries visible on her arm - the moment she was rescued, and the dead bear. Her two adult children are at the hospital, said local reports. 

Comments (25)

I have met this woman named Natalya in on of the Tynda's shop. Now she is OK.
Vera, Tynda, Amur region, Russia
02/08/2016 23:35
God indeed saved you,be heal in Jesus name.
OGOOLUWA , Nigeria
07/12/2015 13:31
Wish her quick recovery.
walex, Nigeria
22/09/2015 21:46
Praying for your recovery. You are are a strong woman.
Olga, Chicago USA
06/07/2015 18:14
Thank God for the safety of the woman. I wish to know because I don't live in a bear habitant place is it a common characteristics of bears to bury there prey?. Is there any likelihood that at the time of attack the bear was full that make the bear not to devour its prey immediately.
Edward Jonathan, Nigeria
09/06/2015 00:28
I hope she will recover soon and in the future she will be able to remember this mishap as a funny memory.
Alper, Turkey
06/06/2015 23:53
Hope you will get well soon!
Patrick, The Netherlands
21/05/2015 02:42
It's a miracle that she's still alive, God is so merciful. I also salute the life savers. Poor bear, Get well soon dear lady.
19/05/2015 19:30
Great job on the rescue! Hope that your recovery is soon. Wish you all the best.
Audrey Tobin, Grand Haven, Michigan
18/05/2015 18:39
As towns and cities expand the "wild-life" comes closer in search of their natural food sources. And if you live there you must be aware of the risks........ingrained to you since childhood surely. It's a bit like swimming in the sea, you know what lurks below and they see you as food, at the end of the day if you are in their territory you are taking your life into your hands............
Cherie Louise, New Zealand
16/05/2015 02:09
As humanity, climate change and resource scarcity could be modifying animal behavior in their struggle for survival
Jorge Contreras, Perú
15/05/2015 23:01
It is very, very good that they killed that vicious bear!!! Otherwise it would have injured or killed other people as well.
Thomas, Cologne/Germany
15/05/2015 22:02
Pat, you do know about what wild animals do once they get a taste of human blood don't you. Would you like it if your family member was next? Killing it is the only solution.
Garry, New Zealand
15/05/2015 16:26
As a woman alone but with a dog in bear country, you should be very careful not to enoy a bear; better is to stay away from it's habitat. Now the woman is injured and the bear is dead, both unnecesary things if you show respect for nature. When you live in bear country, you better learn some basic rules about bear behaviour, or get some bear spray with you if you have no choice then to penetrate bear's habitat and food source.
Liliane Dedroog, Belgium
15/05/2015 15:22
What a horrible experience for that women. As someone has already said, was it necessary to kill the bear? Thank goodness that in New Zealand we have no predators at all, except a tiny little spider who's bite may make one ill - seldom fatal.
Pat, New Zealand
15/05/2015 10:15

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