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Child treated by church after falling sick almost dies from illness

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02 June 2015


The child, from the Turochak district, was diagnosed with encephalitis, passed on from the tick which carries the pathogen for the condition. Picture: Rospotrebnadzor

A couple whose toddler fell ill after being bitten by a tick took him to a church for therapy rather than seeking medical help because of their deep religious beliefs.

The child, who is 21 months old, was nursed at the local church but failed to get any better and was eventually rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

By then his condition had become critical, and he was suffering from a fever or 40 degrees.

Thankfully the little boy’s condition has stabilised and there is no threat to his life, but officials say the situation could have been different had he not been seen by doctors.

A statement from the Republican Children’s Hospital in Altai said: 'The child's parents, because of religious prejudice, brought the child not to a doctor, but to the church.

'The parents were not convinced about going to the doctor, and within a week the baby was treated at home. As a result, with a fever of 40 degrees, he was brought to the district hospital, and from there on the same day was taken to the neurological department of the Republican Children's Hospital.

'At the hospital, the little boy got appropriate examination.'

The child, from the Turochak district, was diagnosed with encephalitis, passed on from the tick which carries the pathogen for the condition.

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In response to your comment, Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT have these rules. I am thoroughly acquainted with them doctrinally and as a group of people, and they advocate and seek medical care when one is sick. The family you mention is undoubtedly of another religion.
Lou, Ohio, USA
29/07/2015 04:09
The "Jehovah's Witnesses" religion have these rules & you'd wonder who the bright spark is, that thinks these things up. Glad to hear the child is recovering now under proper medical care. All I can say to Religions not just the one I stop playing, "God"!
Jaker, Dundalk
02/06/2015 23:14

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