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Are you my mother?

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29 July 2015


A family portrait - baby lynx is pictured together with her mother cat. Picture: Novosibirsk Zoo

The lynx named Nika was rejected by its birth mother at Novosibirsk Zoo, and keepers turned to an ordinary pet cat - who had just given birth to two kittens - for help.

Keepers say Nika was weak at birth which is why the mother rejected her. 

'One of the zoo's employees has a cat which had recently given birth to two kittens,' said the zoo. 'The employee brought her pet with kittens to the zoo, and 'introduced' the baby lynx to her foster mom who had no previous experience of 'adopting' babies.

'Despite that, the lynx became her real baby. Now Nika is bigger than an ordinary domestic kitten and will soon be bigger than her foster mom. 

'Nika is feeling well, she's growing and waiting for her first vaccination'.

Comments (1)

At least this Cat story has a happy ending.
In Zimbabwe, Cecil the lion was NOT so lucky. He was a very gentle giant, that made many people
in the park happy to see him.
An American Dentist lured him out of the nature preserve that he lived in, and was safe in, with some fresh bloody meat. He followed it out of the park, and then he was shot, only to have his head mounted on somebody's wall in another country.
Darwin, USA
30/07/2015 06:22

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