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'The possession of Siberia's natural wealth has become vital in determining Russia’s position in the world'

Petty criminals should be sent to live in Siberia, says ultranationalist leader

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29 July 2015


'We have great wide spaces there. People would go there, they would work there and they would take their families with them.' Picture:

The controversial leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky said criminals should be dispatched to Siberia and the Far East. 

'We have great wide spaces there. People would go there, they would work there and they would take their families with them,' he said.

'This is all for the common good, for development of the new territories.'

The idea comes as Russia debates how to increase the population in regions of eastern Russia, halting a trend towards depopulation.

He explained: 'Imagine, he snatched a purse. There are only 500 roubles ($8.20) and he sits a year [in jail]. It's just deteriorates his life, why do we imprison him for the whole year?'

In tsarist and Soviet times, prisoners - many of the political detainees - were routinely sent to Siberia.

Comments (8)

I like Zhirinovsky I dont know if I agree with him or not, since it doesn't affect me. It's best for foreigners to stay out of another countries politics. He just tells people exactly what is on his mind. He doesn't kiss asses like US politicians do, and I respect that.
Kent, USA
02/08/2015 00:42
As most will be drug addicts, there should be psichologists for treatment. If a worker decides to break the contract, he should be able to return but obviously will hace to pay the cost of the travel in that casé with part of the paycheck he has received. And they should be able to communicate with a public lawyer.
01/08/2015 17:15
Another "Mad-Hatter" shouting off his idiotic head. If there's candidates fit for Siberia's Gulags I could name them right now starting with the corrupter's in the Kremlin & this guy as well. He'd send someone to Siberia for life for stealing a purse, hey up?, what about asking the wives & children (if any?) do they want to go first? Oh no, wise guy, Zhirinovsky, has it all worked out.
Jaker, dundalk
01/08/2015 10:49
James, there are places lite Chukotka which are so far away from te demographic centers that few people decide to emigrate even if there are well paid jobs. So if several thousands agree to work in those areas receiving a wage, they will produce something for the good of Russia while in jail they mean a high cost for the Government.

It should be a paid option which prisioners could choose...and I think It will be successful and constitucional.
Enrique, Spain
31/07/2015 21:06
Listen to your self where is the punishment in that? If you do wrong to others you should be punished not sent to Siberia (Holiday) or relocated. You should suffer as the people you have done wrong too have suffered. The old days of sending people to Siberia have ended. I think Sir you should get back in your box.
James Murray, Ireland
31/07/2015 15:42
It should be al option prisioners coyld choque. Many would choose working in the areas of Siberia decides by the Government earning a wage rather than losing months or years in prision
Enrique, Spain
31/07/2015 03:53
I think it would be a good idea to start with Zhirinovsky first.....
Per, Odesa
30/07/2015 14:47
Remember, anybody that steals, is NOT doing anything to make the world a better place.
Darwin, USA
30/07/2015 07:00

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