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'Irkutsk has the sins, the false hair, and the perfume for which Paris is noted'

Steven Seagal travels to Siberia in search of diamonds... and his long lost ancestors

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07 August 2015


Steven Seagal went down into a mine to see first hand the production. Picture: News.Ykt.Ru

On a private visit, the US actor and film producer met representatives of diamond company ALROSA in Mirny, and went down into a mine to see first hand the production. 

He also asked to visit a typical Yakut village, and went to the settlement of Arylakh in Chuoninsky nasleg (district). He was shown traditional rites, how people live, and spoke about the history of the Sakha people, according to a YSIA source.

The 63 year old Hollywood star took part in Yakut dancing and tried local delicacies of osuokhay and kumys. Intriguingly, too, he admitted that he is searching for his relatives, and that his paternal grandfather was from Russia.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

The 63 year old Hollywood star took part in Yakut dancing and tried local delicacies of osuokhay and kumys. Pictures: YSIA

'I can say that I myself am Russian,' he was quoted as saying. 'I have a Russian family. I love Russia and I am proud of it. In Russia, I have many friends, good friends, with whom, in addition to excellent human relations, we have common business interests.'

In search of his roots, Seagal previously travelled to Kazakhstan, as well as Kalmykia, and the Russian republic of Tyva. He has previously said: 'When the war began, people from Buddhist republics of Russia moved to America, and among them was my grandfather. 

'We do not know whether he was Kalmyk or Buryat. As a child, I was just told - 'He was a Mongol', and now, there is no one to ask. 

'Anyone who might know the answer to this question is already gone.'

Seagal continued his visit with a trip to a children's summer camp and dropped in on Udachny town, to check out a mining and processing plant. 

According to sources, Seagal did not wish to advertise his presence in the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia.

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