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New Russian air incident as Boeing-777 and Antonov-26 collide

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09 November 2015


The Moscow-bound Aeroflot struck the Antonov while taxiing. Picture:

Airport officials said there were no injuries after an Aeroflot Boeing-777 clipped the tail of An-26 cargo plane during tarmac manoeuvres. The Moscow-bound Aeroflot struck the Antonov while taxiing. Passengers were taken off the plane and moved to the terminal. Officials said the Moscow flight was delayed overnight and by almost 19 hours as repairs to the wing were carried out. 

Damaged An-26

Damaged An-26

The rudder on Antonov's tail suffered significant damage. Pictures: Vkontakte

The departure of the Antonov, bound for Okha, on Sakhalin Island, was also held up. The rudder on its tail suffered significant damage. An investigation has been launched.

Nine days ago, a crash of an Airbus A321 in Egypt was the worst in Russian aviation history, leading to the deaths of 224 people. Terrorism is seen as the likely cause.

Comments (2)

Vovochka should have dispatched a few hundred An-2 "Annushkas" to offload the passengers and take them to their dream destinations: a new kholkhoz, a trendy GULAG encampment-for-two, a late-night snack in the Lubyanka basement. Hey, he's the prez, for goodness sake! He can do ANYTHING.
Anna Chapman, Magadan, RF
11/11/2015 02:33
On a wing & a prayer, the good thing about this story is that nobody was hurt...please, for the sake of Russian passengers...keep it that way.
Jaker, Dundalk
10/11/2015 02:35

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