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'If you emptied Lake Baikal, it would take every river in the world flowing into it a year to fill.'

Russia equips six military bases across almost 4,000 km in Arctic

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07 December 2015


Arctic Trefoil military base built recently on Franz Josef Land. Picture: Ministry of Defence

High ranking sources said that Russia has completed the equipping and deployment of six military bases covering a vast swathe of the country's Arctic territory and waters, reported TASS. 

The move restores Moscow's capability to levels that were lost after the end of the Soviet era. 


The chain of military bases stretches from west to east along the Arctic shore. Picture: The Siberian Times

In the west, the bases are now equipped on Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land, while in the east, they are fully prepared on Wrangel Island and Cape Schmidt, in Chukotka. 

Further bases are at Sredny, on Severnaya Zemlya, and Kotelny, in the New Siberian Islands.


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Caitlyn Antrim,

My guess is you have not read THE CRUISE OF THE CORWIN by John Muir, because he opened chapter XV with
this statement: "A NOTABLE addition was made to the national domain when Captain Calvin L. Hooper landed on Wrangell Land,[1] and took formal possession of it in the name of the United States."
1 The landing was made August 12, 1881.

The date Secretary Hughes made the statement was on May 13, 1924. The Lomen Brothers on Nome, Alaska owned Wrangell Island from April 1, 1924.

Wrangell Island entered the District of Alaska on May 17, 1884, when Ezra W. Clark made it known that the island
was in Alaska.
Mark Seidenberg, Aliso Viejo, California, USA
29/11/2016 11:26
While Americans landed on Wrangel Island in the ;ate 1800s, the government of the United States never claimed the island (or other islands nearby) and certainly did not "annex" it. More important, the US never occupied or exercised effective jurisdiction over Wrangel Island. And as the Foreign Minister of Canada said in response to the planting of the Russian flag on the Arctic seabed - you can't claim territory just by planting a flag.

In the 1920s the US secretary of state tried to encourage a party to "go and hold it," but that party never made it to Wrangle Island.

If the US government (not just the captain of a cutter) had actually claimed the islands it would still have needed to exercise jurisdiction by establishing a presence, giving international notice of the claim and exercising jurisdiction over activities there. Without those actions, planting a flag alone has about as much effect as a child licking an object and proclaiming "mine."
Caitlyn Antrim, Arlington, VA
31/12/2015 00:05
Wrangell island yes.
Wrangel Island no.
two different islands here.
Mark Harding, Jersey
18/12/2015 03:36
Wrangell Island was annexed by the United States Government on August 12, 1881 under the name of "New Columbia Land" in the name of President James Garfield. It was discover on August 17, 1866 by a landing party from the Hawaiian ship the "W. C. Talbot" under an Hawaiian Captain and crew. It became part of the District of
Alaska on May 17, 1884.
Mark Seidenberg, Escondido, CA
11/12/2015 03:36
This will make the Eurasian Northern route more secure helping hundreds of ships
Enrique, Spain
09/12/2015 03:17
This is the invasion force that will destroy America in the War of Armageddon. The chemtrails are hiding Planet X.
AntiLieGuy, USA
09/12/2015 01:18
amazing tactical move by Russia if this is true
a, b
07/12/2015 19:30

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