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Safari park admits tiger DID attack his 'friend' the goat, threatening his life

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29 January 2016


The goat was fed to the big cat as live prey, but instead of eating him, they became friends. Picture: Dmitry Mezentsev

Several days ago, Primorsky Safari Park admitted separating the tiger and goat but failed to explain that an attack - predicted by many - had happened. The incident came more than two months after the goat was fed to the big cat as live prey, but instead of eating him, they became friends. The inseparable pair have turned into a huge tourist attraction at the park in the Russian Far East. 

The attack on 26 January in the snow came after the goat pushed his luck, and brazenly butted the sleeping tiger with his horns, perhaps wanting him to play. 

'Timur pushed Amur down the slope, poked him with his horns and legs, and finally stepped on Amur while he was sleeping,' said director Dmitry Mesemtsev. 'Amur woke up, grabbed Timur with his teeth, shook him like a kitten, and threw him away. Then he lay down to rest again.'

Amur and Timur

Amur and Timur

Amur and Timur

Amur and Timur

Amur and Timur

'Amur woke up, grabbed Timur with his teeth, shook him like a kitten, and threw him away.' Pictures: Dmitry Mezentsev

Footage shows forlorn goat limping away in pain through the deep snow. Staff then distracted Amur - a Siberian tiger - with a meal of live rabbits and removed the goat, rushing him to a vet, Aleksey Anosov.

He said: 'We made anti-shock therapy to relieve stress and gave him antibiotics - strong medicines because it is likely the wounds are infected. We suppressed the development of infection, from which most of the animals die in such cases.'

Earlier the reason for the removal was given a potential change of behaviour from the tiger because a tigress in a nearby compound was entering her mating period. Male tigers 'are very sensitive in this period. They become aggressive and very unpredictable', said the director. 

Timur walks away

Timur walks away

Timur walks away

On the veterinary check

Staff distracted Amur with a meal of live rabbits and removed the goat, rushing him to a vet, Aleksey Anosov. Pictures: Dmitry Mezentsev

And for weeks he has insisted that the bonding was so strong that there was no longer a threat to the courageous goat. But today he admitted 'emergency' action was needed to save the goat. 

He added: 'If the tiger wanted to kill the goat, he would have already done it. Amur's patience in this situation amazes me. He had been looking indulgently for so long on brazen Timur.'

But he admitted it was now 'too early' to say if the tiger and goat could be reunited. 'At the moment the goat needs to recover and relax,' he said. 

The park had earlier taken no action when on a previous occasion Amur pawed the goat. Amur is due to be introduced in future to his 'bride' Ussuri, another tigress already at the park.

Comments (6)

IF they put these two back together, especially with Hormone's of a potential mate in the air, it will be "PREMEDTATED MURDER". IF the goat survives it's injuries sustained, will be a MIRACLE. WHY PUSH your LUCK! ONLY INHUMANE people would watch a Goat being ripped to shred's while still ALIVE.... NOT my IDEA of ENTERTAINMENT. IF planning to introduce a Future Mate for the Tiger, the Goat definately will be ELIMINATED from the PICTURE!!! It was a MIRACULOUS EVENT, let's keep it at that and Count our Blessings the GOAT was rescued & may LIVE? I prey the goat survives and get's their own Mate of it's own kind.
08/02/2016 03:36
The trouble with cats is they don't know their own strength. The trouble with goats is they can be a little too persistent. I read on another website that Amur has been roaring since Timur was taken away. I hope they can resume their friendship on peaceful terms.
K. Hunt, Texas, USA
06/02/2016 03:04
this is sooo soo amazing...seeing a goat and a tiger getting along so well. the goat is supposed to be the meal of the tiger but instead became the friend.. the must not be separated because that is one of the records,and I mean big records
mutumba simwanza, katima namibia
02/02/2016 13:26
Why can't the little goat be put, maybe for a few hours a day, into a compound next to the tiger, a small one maybe with chicken wire so they can 'kiss' or nudge as friends with their noses to maintain their relationship. This story is so wonderful and says so very much about all us living beings. I hate to see their relationship end abruptly. The very strong truth this story illustrated, and why I believe it touches the hearts of so many of us around the world is that - even though a creature (whether man or animal) feels the instinctive urge of hunger, that biological imperative can be overcome by the higher need for companionship and connection with another living being. The need to love and be loved trumps a good meal.
maureen osullivan, kingston ny usa
01/02/2016 22:01
The two should now be permanently separated. Timur has many fans - so unafraid and trusting at the start of the beautiful friendship. It would be cruel to return him to Amur's compound just to serve as Amur's meal later on. He should have a separate compound and be allowed to live his normal life span. The park can put up a sign identifying him as Timur, the Brave!
E. Espinosa, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
31/01/2016 12:37
Thank you for adding further details. As I mentioned in my comment to the earlier story, I watch the webcams often. I did see Timur in the deep snow down the slope and Amur sitting up when I had thought they were both previously resting. I am glad swift action to separate the two could be taken. Thanks again for all the work you are doing to help all of the animals and birds at the Park. I hope to visit one day and see the entire Park. In the meantime, I will keep looking at the pictures, videos and webcams. I alsp enjoy watching the human "inhabitants" climbing up the trees.....:-).
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
30/01/2016 08:49

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