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'Lake Baikal: the very name fills Russian hearts with awe'

Miraculous escape for man with knife stuck in his head

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03 February 2016


X-rays showed the 10-cm blade stuck in the patient's head.' Picture: Askar Smagulov

The Omsk man lay wounded and screaming after the stabbing in an apartment block yard in the city after the summer attack. His friend Alexei confronted the attacker before rushing to their aid of his wounded friend who had a the long blade stuck through his eye socket.

He claims he was stabbed by a man called Yevgenyi Loshkov. But Loshkov, 27, claimed he acted in self defence in knifing Smagulov. 'I was attacked, I defended myself. That's all,' he said.

Evgenyi Loshkov

Evgenyi Loshkov, 27: 'I was attacked, I defended myself. That's all.' Picture: Antenna7

A court will decide what happened but it took an ambulance crew an hour from the moment of the attack to decide which hospital was best able to deal with the wound. X-rays showed the 10-cm blade stuck in the patient's head. 

He not only survived but doctors at Hospital Number 1 - where his wife works - saved his eye. He insisted he was attacked after Loshkov started arguing with him over alleged noise Smagulov and his friends were making near Loshkov's window during a late night drinking session. 

Askar Samgulov

Askar Smagulov, 25, with his wife. Picture: Odnoklassniki

The wounded man said: 'While sitting on the bench, we did not make noise or shout. I took Loshkov aside, he was very aggressive.

'The conversation lasted two minutes... Loshkov began to swear and then stabbed me in the eye.

'I felt like I was hit by a bottle. There was a sound of crunch. I fell to my knees, and he ran away.'

He is claiming Loshkov wanted to kill him. If found guilty, the knifeman faces up to 11 years in prison for attempted murder. 

Comments (4)

OK, Sergei.
Enrique, Spain
05/02/2016 01:44
Enrique, Smagulov is ethnic Kazakh.
Sergei, Canada
04/02/2016 22:35
Smagulov was born again.
Enrique, Spain
04/02/2016 18:43
Smagulov looks from an indigenous Siberian tribe or Korean.
Enrique, Spain
04/02/2016 18:42

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