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'Siberia is a home to the cultures of indigenes, including people whose ancestors migrated to the Americas'

Naked protester' Liana Klevtsova challenges Siberia's fur farms in explicit video

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22 March 2016


Now in her most powerful stunt, she aims her fury at fur farmers and hunters in Siberia and worldwide. Picture: Liana Klevtsova


Irkutsk student and model Liana Klevtsova, 20, has made a name for herself with her 'Naked Truth' protests about rising prices and in support of truckers objecting to a new tax. Now in her most powerful stunt, she aims her fury at fur farmers and hunters in Siberia, which for centuries has been the centre of this trade in Russia, and worldwide.

Her video, posted on the web, mixes footage of 'cruel' killing of animals on fur farms with shots of her naked in the snow and locked in a cage, images she uses to demand an end to these 'death camps'. 

She does not speak a word on the 18+ film running for 2 minutes 36 seconds which includes graphic scenes, but explains her motives on her social media site.

Naked protest

'For one coat needed: 20-25 foxes, 50-60 ferrets, 25-30 raccoons and only 1 human. To save the maximum number of souls, the choice is obvious.' Picture: Liana Klevtsova

'We decided to talk about really important thing, something that concerns all humanity,' said the engineering student. This is something that has nothing to do with the economy, politics, or the complexity of relationships between people. This time we want to talk about: what makes us human, about the soul and can we really say with confidence that we have it?

'Against the background of technological progress, the development of space, creation of the Large Hadron Collider, exploitation of nuclear energy, some of our actions are comparable to the level of the Stone Age. We live side by side with our brothers and, for unknown reasons, have set ourselves above them... I'm talking about the world of animals.

Fur farm

Fur farm

Naked protest

'We live side by side with our brothers and, for unknown reasons, have set ourselves above them...' Pictures: Liana Klevtsova

'At a time when are created the advanced synthetic materials, which can protect our body not only from the extremes of temperature but also from the space radiation, we are back in the prehistoric past, killing those who live next to us, for the sake of our whim. If our ancestors really needed it because it was the issue of survival, why we are doing this now?'

Admitting that administration of her unnamed university is 'crazy' over her nude protests, she said that 'mass killing of animals' to make products carrying 'status' or 'following fashion trends' was wrong.

And she faces threats of acid being poured over her to ruin her looks, according to a report in Irkutsk.

'For some reason I am reminded the situation with concentration camps during the Second World War, when human hair was used to stuff pillows and mattresses, and human skin was used to make wallets, especially valuable with tattoos.

Naked protest

Animals abuse

Liana Klevtsova

'Let us recognise that we are one big family, our home is planet Earth, and that each of us has a soul.' Pictures: Liana Klevtsova

'All mankind remembers this as a terrible page of history, but no one thinks that all this is happening today. Yet such a death camps are still working only to satisfy the whim of humans.

'It never comes to my mind that when people go out in the coat of fur, with a suitcase made of crocodile and in shoes of ramp skin, or upholster car seats in natural leather, it is caused by some kind of necessity. Let us recognise that we are one big family, our home is planet Earth, and that each of us has a soul.' 

An emotive poster shows the number of animals needed to make one coat. This can be up to 25 foxes, 50-60 ferrets, 25-30 raccoons and only 1 human. 'To save the maximum number of souls, the choice is obvious,' she said. 

As for Liana, she loves wearing fur - but only artificial - and her city has average winter temperatures of minus 18C (0F), and a record low of minus 49.7C (minus  57.5 F).

Comments (8)

Thank you for doing this, Liana, you are a hero.
Stephen DeVoy, United States of America
29/12/2017 04:59
i like artificial leather and artificial fur than animal's fur or leather. I really mad with those peoples who doesn't care about animals. Animals had precious souls as same as souls of humans, They also had feelings. Those peoples who doesn't know about this are no more human. Please close that factory and forbid the animals killing. I think humans are now no need for it coz we were not surviving species as like in the ancient day. Nowadays we all can produce many artificial fur and leather which way more efficient and better. Stop that unheartly action, would you?
Ferdy Ardianto, Malang, Indonesia
04/06/2017 14:54
I understand Innok's concerns about helping people have ways to make a living and we need to help people be able to work in different jobs than at these fur farms. For those of us who can make the choice to not purchase fur, please don't purchase fur and for those who can travel to Siberia to support eco-tourism jobs, please travel to Siberia. I hope we will all keep thinking of ways we can help people have other ways to live.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
26/03/2016 21:02
Я не согласен с обнаженной Lianой,. Она думает не о том чтобы помочь бедным зверятам, а о том, чтобы подороже продать себя.
innok, Россия
26/03/2016 19:32
Congratulations to the model who is making a stand for these animals, it is very brave and a cause she obviously feels very passionate about.....I hope the media attention, as a result of her actions, closes these torturous places down.....such horrific cruelty!!!!

I loathe animal cruelty on any scale, totally uncalled for and the people treating these innocent animals in such barbaric ways, is a testament to their lack of humanity on any level!!!!!
Ruth Little, Australia
26/03/2016 08:32
No more
alisonsolivan, Puerto Rico
26/03/2016 05:20
Thank you for standing up and defending those who can't defend themselves from the murders who close to take there lives to make a coat. Way to go!!!!!
mark dicovsky, grosse pointe park u.s.a.
26/03/2016 05:07
'Let us recognise that we are one big family, our home is planet Earth, and that each of us has a soul.' Well said and I totally agree with Liana. I hope that by helping people in Siberia have opportunities to be recognized as a world class eco-tourism/eco-adventure destination that we can also help all the people in Russia who are taking care of and protecting nature. The work being done by the Big Hearts Foundation (Anna Kogan and team) is also very worthwhile.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
24/03/2016 04:52

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