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'Lake Baikal is truly astonishing. One of the most ancient geographical features on Earth, it is estimated to be 30 million years old'

Dog saved life of owner who fell in ice hole

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24 March 2016


Anatoly Chernenko, 77, would have died but for Dick's frantic barking and running. Picture: Larisa Roshina/Chulymskaya Gazeta

Retiree Anatoly Chernenko, from Chulym, in Novosibirsk region, fell into the ice hole while on his daily three hour walk with his dog. He wore high fur boots, hunting ski and padded jacket.

The route took him over frozen Itkul Lake, five kilometres from his home. But he fell into an ice hole. He managed to pull off one boot and place it on the solid ice but couldn't climb out of the chilly water. 

Here he would have died but for Dick's frantic barking and running which caught the attention of hunter Vladimir Karablin, 57.

Dick the dog

'He was thinking he's protecting his owner. So I had to fight with the dog and save the human.' Picture: Larisa Roshina/Chulymskaya Gazeta

He told to KP: 'I was on my snowmobile and suddenly saw a laika running on the lake's shore,' he said. 'I thought, 'Weird, what is a dog doing on wasteland?' and started moving towards the dog. 

'When I saw Anatoly in the ice hole, I immediately recognised him, from when we worked together in next door offices. By then he was too tired and wasn't even asking for help. 

'I saw his frightened eyes. I rushed to him, ice was crashing under my feet so I crawled to him on my tummy, and grabbed his arm...' The dog, having summoned help, now began biting the rescuer's leg. 

Vladimir Karablin

Vladimir Karablin and Anatoly

Vladimir Karablin: 'I rushed to him, ice was crashing under my feet so I crawled to him on my tummy, and grabbed his arm...' Pictures: Larisa Roshina/Chulymskaya Gazeta

'He was thinking he's protecting his owner. So I had to fight with the dog and save the human. I took him out, heavy, frozen, one of his feet was in a wet woollen sock, the other one was bare, so I used the furry boot which was thrown to the shore.'

The pensioner had been in the water for 40 minutes. He rushed Anatoly to the nearest hospital on his snowmobile. The sturdy Siberian has recovered without serious harm to his health. 

The local department of the emergencies' Ministry has sent papers to Moscow seeking a bravery award for the 56-year-old hunter. And hopefully the dog will be honoured too. 

Comments (4)

What a fantastic dog! And, Mr.Karablin is a true HERO for risking his own life to act alone to save the life of Mr.Chernenko. BRAVO ! BRAVO ! The world needs more heroes, who preserve life, like Mr. Chernenko.
Edward J. Garrison, Stockton, California USA
25/03/2016 21:38
at least a BIG fish for the Laika!
Benedikt, Moscow,Russia
25/03/2016 11:32
Another beautiful tale showing the bond between humans and their pet animals...the loyalty a pet that is truly loved shows is so touching, they will reflect this love with intuitive protection for their owner as shown here.
Carmen, Ireland
25/03/2016 06:18
I also hope both Vladimir and Dick will be honoured for saving Anatoly. I am really happy that all three are safe, sound and healthy.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
25/03/2016 03:47

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