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Tiger gnaws leg of screaming 13 year old girl who banged on its cage

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11 April 2016


'Obviously, the animal showed aggression because he's a predator.' Picture: Seversk Zoo

The girl, named as Elizaveta K, needed surgery to save her legs after she and a friend banged on the Siberian tiger's cage in 'Lesnaya Skazka' park, Barnaul. Zoo deputy director Pavel Reznichenko accused the girl of 'childish stupidity' in getting too close to the tiger after the zoo closed. 

'He is a grown animal, nine years old,' added director Sergey Pisarev. 'Obviously, the animal showed aggression because he's a predator. Like any feline, he reacts more actively to small prey. Of course, he grabbed her. The ambulance was called.'

Tiger Lotus

Blood traces

'All were shocked and tried to save the girl, but the tiger only became more angry and it gnawed her leg more aggressively.' Pictures: Amic.ru

First the tiger grabbed her jacket, then started dragging her through the bars towards him. The tiger gnawed through the screaming girl's leg muscles. A security guard heard the comotion and rushed to help. Her life is not in danger. 

Anastasia Ptichkina said: 'Two drunken girls... teased the tiger in 'Lesnaya Skazka' park at about 10 pm. One of them turned out to be a supper for the big cat. Luckily there were 6-7 people in the park. All were shocked and tried to save the girl, but the tiger only became more angry and it gnawed her leg more aggressively.



The girl, named as Elizaveta K, needed surgery to save her legs after she and a friend banged on the Siberian tiger's cage. Picture: Odnoklassniki, Vesti.Altai

'It was impossible to watch how it gnarled and licked her leg. Police and doctors also could hardly do anything. Thanks to the guys who managed to distract the animal. They even bought a piece of meat in the shop.'

Zoo officials said the tiger would not be shot despite the attack on the girl. 'All possible safety regulations were breached. It was a human factor, childish stupidity,' said Reznichenko. 

Comments (13)

Glad the tiger is alive. This is Russia rules are different there. I hope they both girls learned from this teachable expirence. Although I agree most tigers should not be caged...Sometimes there is no choice if the animal can't survive in the wild. These majestic animals should be prized, studied and treated with respect.

ns butler , Florida USA
14/04/2016 06:44
What barriers existed between the tiger and the people? Aren't people, especially drunk teenagers, entitled to assume that the zoo keepers have safety systems that prevent such incidents? Does it actually make any difference that they broke in?
Fil here, Australia
14/04/2016 04:31
I know who should be in the cage and it's not the tiger. What an idiot girl. It was refreshing and great to hear a common sense response from the zoo officials - good for them.
Jacqui Thompson, Johannesburg
13/04/2016 17:08
This is Russia. When I was there, I watched 10 year old kids buy beer and cigarettes with no questions asked. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon.
Ron Walker, Milton, WA. USA
13/04/2016 09:17
I do wish that people would leave the wild animals alone. I personally would like to know why those girls were allowed out at that time of night, who got them drunk and how they got to the zoo in the first place. I feel that the parents and the person/persons who gave them the alcohol are more to blame than the girls. Is there going to be any extra security measures taken now after this incident for the overnight hours when the zoo is closed? These cats are nothing to be playing with. They are a wild cat and even though they might not grow up in the wild they do have their wild tendencies and those tendencies can come out anytime.
Sherri Becker, St. Louis, Missouri USA
13/04/2016 06:46
glad they did not punish animal for doing what is natural to them due to the stupidity of humans
Anne Meiswinkel , New York state USA
13/04/2016 05:17
Several questions need to be answered by the girls parents. 1. Why was a 13yo girl drunk and now she is a criminal because she illegally entered the animal park? . Why was she not in bed at 10pm at night.? Why did she tease the tiger by screaming at it? After her hospitalization is over, i feel she should face the courts with her parents to. To answer for her stupidity and the parents for lack of parental control.
Robyn Bates , Victoria Australia
13/04/2016 05:06
I am glad to hear nothing is going to happen to the tiger. The parents of these stupid girls should be held responsible for all cost incurred by their actions to the zoo and the tiger along with medical. Maybe then these parents will know what their children are up to late at night.
Jill Law, Springfield Missouri
13/04/2016 04:36
Stop ALL caging of exotic animals NOW. Tigers do not belong in human ownership. Ever! NO MORE TIGERS IN ZOOS OR AT AMUSEMENT PARKS. Respect the animal.
The Voice of Reason, Big Cat Rescue Fan in the United States
13/04/2016 04:26
Richard, the two girls were drunk and broke into the zoo after closing hours, after dark, in fact, at around 10PM. They have nobody but themselves to blame, certainly not the tiger, I agree. :)
Sergei, Richmond, Canada
13/04/2016 02:28
It is very unfortunate that this had to happen to this little girl. First, why is this animal in such a small cage and so close to patrons? That does not make sense. Patrons should be only allowed a "safe" distance and that would not be defined as close enough "to pound on the case". The animal did what it natural instincts called for but why was it but in that position. The animal should be removed from the ownership and place in a safe environment for both the animal and the patrons. If I had my choice it would be released to a large compound and humans not allowed. This is sick.
Richard Meitz, Phoenix, AZ
13/04/2016 00:24
Back when I was a boy, Tigers used to lick faces, not legs.
Richard Hicki, Jeffersonville, indiana
12/04/2016 07:18
Why are these tigers being kept in tiny crates. And why are their brats banging on their crates ? Where is this ?? It is disgusting.
vicki hancock, jeffersonville indiana
12/04/2016 04:17

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