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Hero stray dog saves friend from drowning

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27 April 2016


The remarkable dog rescue was spotted by local MP on the River Kacha. Picture: KrasCompas

Witnesses including local politician saw the dog rescue on River Kacha in Krasnoyarsk. One dog was seen caught in the current unable to swim to the shore. Stray dogs barked on both sides of the river, but then one jumped in and swam to the struggling animal.

Krasnoyarsk MP Vladimir Vladimirov posted a video on his page in Facebook with the following words: 'I was standing on a bridge, talking with some workers when I heard the sound of dogs barking,' he said. 'I looked over the railing and saw a dog floating in the middle of the Kacha. 

'It swam, but the river flow carried it away. On both sides of the river I saw several dogs running and barking. Then one jumped into the water, swam to the drowning animal, pushed with its nose towards the river bank, and together they swam out.'

Dogs rescue dog

Dogs rescue dog

Dogs rescue dog

Dogs rescue dog

One jumped into the water, swam to the  drowning animal pushed with its nose towards the river bank. And together they swam out.' Pictures: Vladimir Vladimirov

He then saw how the dogs celebrated the rescue. 'They ran, jumping, and barking, as if rejoicing at this happy outcome.'

Yet in another video - a few days earlier, on 24 April - a man is seen floundering in the Yenisei River after eyewitnesses said he jumped from a broken bridge. He is carried downstream, flailing in the chilly water.

It is unclear why he jumped, but while the female voices on the footage say they are 'shocked', they don't seek to alert the emergency services or help. 

One girl is heard saying: 'Some guy was standing there and then jumped into the water. It is cold there, what's he doing? He is drowned by the river flow...'

Another says: 'He just jumped there in his clothes and swam.' She laughs. 'I'm shocked.'

Drowned man

Drowned man

 'Some guy was standing there and then jumped into the water. It is cold there, what's he doing? He is drowned by the river flow...' Pictures: Vkontakte

The first voice says: 'He can get hypothermia.' 

A male voice adds: 'He's drunk.' As he disappears from view, another male voice says: 'That's all. He got tired."

The first female said:  'It's not funny. Let's wait a bit, hope he will survive.' 

The body of the man, presumed dead, has not been found despite a search. 

Comments (2)

Intelligent dogs ..Friendship story !
Jocelyne, FRANCE
27/04/2016 23:28
So Animals make a plan and save each other while humans don't.............very impressive on one hand while very difficult to describe diplomatically on the other. I really do believe that animals are evolving faster than humans at this point in history..........it is the same all over the world. Thank you for sharing this story certainly and thank you to everyone who would have called Emergency Services in both cases.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
27/04/2016 18:01

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