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Rare pictures show Defence Minister relaxing with one of his many hobbies

By The Siberian Times
17 July 2016

Sergei Shoigu indulges his pastime for watercolours in his native Tuva.

Shoigu is also a renowned collector of Chinese and Japanese samurai swords. Picture: Sholban Kara-Ool 

With the world facing so many current crises, Russian troops active in Syria, and strained relations with NATO and the West, it's unusual to see the Defence Minister relaxing. The Siberian-born politician is the longest serving member of the post-Soviet government, having held a succession of senior posts including Emergencies' Minister and briefly governor of Moscow region. 

He headed the Rescuer Corps since the fall of Communism in 1991. This later because the Ministry of Emergency Situations. These pictures of him painting  came courtesy of his friend Sholban Kara-Ool, the head of the Republic of Tuva. It is far from his only hobby. 

Rare pictures show Defence Minister relaxing with one of his many hobbies

Rare pictures show Defence Minister relaxing with one of his many hobbies
Rare pictures of Russia's Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu. Picture: Sholban Kara-Ool 

Married with two daughters, 61 year old Shoigu - who holds the rank of army general - is an avoid enthusiast for both ice hockey and soccer. He is a renowned collector of Chinese and Japanese samurai swords, and other swords and daggers. 

He plays the guitar to a high level, and is interested in traditional wooden handicrafts. In addition, he is known as an expert on Russia during Peter the Great's time. Shoigu was born on 21 May 1955  in Chadan, Tuva, to an ethnic Tuvan father and a Russian mother.

The Defence Minister also speaks nine languages fluently, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish.

Comments (7)

Weird how such a multi-talented erudite became a common war criminal while disgracing himself with complete inaptitude as a military commander.
well, well, well, Kamakura, Japan
27/08/2022 21:41
Good to read on the personal side of public officials. Defence Minister Shoigu, is a thorough professional that has a multi-faceted personal side - both, complimenting one and other and highlighting the depth of the person. Usually, this is not seen in public officials and one wonders if they have a natural and genuine side to them at all. Siberian Times, thank you for this article, please continue to bring out such articles. Defence Minister Shoigu - you are a class in yourself.
Lund, USA, /
27/07/2016 15:50
Yes Melvin, Tuva Républic has beautiful landscapes.There is an article (15 septembre 2015) in Siberian Times,about ; and other dates.
Jocelyne, FRANCE
20/07/2016 23:48
The area around his cabin is so peaceful and a man can take in a deep breath of sweet wonderful air. Maybe in my next life I'll have a chance to visit the beautiful land that is called Siberia.
Melvin, Jacksonville U.S.A.
20/07/2016 22:56
I agree that Defence Minister Shoigu is a very experienced First Responder and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and perspective to his political role. I hope he is well respected and continues to be active in Russia whether in Politics or in Emergency Response. How was he appointed? I realize much is said about President Vladimir Putin (in the West and Europe anyway) but if he is the one who appointed the Defense Minister, he made an excellent choice in this situation. To Benedikt, I am intrigued by Russian folklore - what story are you referring to?
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
20/07/2016 05:00
one only can hope he will be Russia-s next president. he has the respect of the armed forces and emergency ministry. and that is a lot already. and who knows russian -folklore- Shoigu has lots of hair. would fit into the story. ( one no hair,Lenin,one hair Stalin,one no hair Nikita...),
Benedikt, m
19/07/2016 14:38
If he's fluent in nine languages why isn't he the Foreign Minister? Instead of that dour Lavrov.

PS. Has he painted Putin yet????

With "Horns"?!
Jaker, Dundalk
19/07/2016 00:17

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