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Terrorist threat halted by FSB action in Krasnoyarsk

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06 May 2016


FSB prevented the terrorist attack in Krasnoyarsk. Picture: Vitaly Nevar/TASS

Agents of the FSB - Russia's Federal Security Service - seized 'the means of terrorist activity' from suspects reported as being from the republics of Central Asia. The attack was planned for the city's transport system, but no further details were given. 

The FSB statement said: 'A group of people from Central Asian countries linked to international terrorist organisations were detained. The means of terrorist activities were withdrawn. The necessary investigative actions are being performed. In the interest of the investigation, the identities of the detained people are not revealed.'

The disclosure follows the arrests earlier this week of a gang of alleged Islamic extremists in Moscow. 

Reports suggested they aimed to attack a march of the 'Immortal Regiment', a deeply moving parade of all those wishing to pay respects to millions of relatives who fought and died in the defeat of Hitler.

Further arrests in Moscow were made today. 

Parades and commemorations take place in cities and towns all over Russia on 9 May - Victory Day - remembering the tens of millions of Soviet citizens who died defeating the Nazis between 1941 and 1945. 

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