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'The Yenisey began life with a groan and ended with a boldness we could never dream of'

Tiger and goat friendship was 'all a PR stunt', says safari park insider

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25 June 2016


The park's director denied the accusation. Picture: Dmitry Mezentsev

The friendship between tiger Amur and goat Timur, intended as the big cat's lunch, was a fake, said former Primorsky Safari Park Evgenia Patanovskaya.

The odd couple were shown around the world after they forged their apparent bond.

The ex-PR said that said that initially when Timur was taken to the Siberian tiger, it was a 'mistake' because the predator was already well fed. 

'Amur the tiger just did not eat the goat Timur, because he was not hungry,' she wrote. 'Since he did not eat it, I asked the staff of the park to feed Amur, so he would not eat Timur. That's how we held out for two months. 

'They called it 'friendship' of the tiger and a goat, though the tiger was just well fed, and, as we know, a tiger not in the wild does not make food stocks.'

She claimed park director  Dmitry Mezentsev seized on her idea as his own and behaved 'inadequately' to her.

a tiger and a goat
An extraordinary friendship, or a PR stunt?  Picture: Dmitry Mezentsev

After she left, the tiger lashed out at the goat, and the animal required surgery. 

Patanovskaya provided her version in an online resume detailing her career, which was found by journalists. 

Mesentsev not only denied her version but also called her a 'sick woman'.

'There were a lot of fakes around this [Timur and Amur] story, and this is just one of them,' he said.

He claimed his ex-employee thrived on 'conflict' and that he did 'not want to remember her'.

'She is the only employee who clashed with the whole team. She is a sick woman.' 

Comments (4)

There were a lot of lessons to be learned from the "odd couple", patience, tolerance, and especially about being nice to a much larger animal that can literally bite your head off. Friends come in all shapes and sizes.
bernie, saint louis, missouri, USA
30/06/2016 20:42
It is evident.

Also humans play with pigs in farms...but once they need the meat, the pig is killed and eaten.
Enrique, Spain
27/06/2016 04:40
The tiger & the goat; what an odd couple to have made out. Now the two of them are fed up, excuse me, "it seems the tiger was fed up all the time".
Jaker, Dundalk
26/06/2016 09:48
RIGHT: Nothing. Nothing at all.

WRONG: Dmitry Mezentsev

WRONG: imprisoning tiger, other wild animals

WRONG: publicizing "Safari Park"

WRONG: profiting from "Safari Park"
Maureen Allen, USA
26/06/2016 09:37

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