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A mummy of a man hugging a tree trunk found in Tomsk

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06 July 2016


A mummy of a man hugging a tree trunk found in Tomsk. Picture: Pavel Petrov

The mummy was found on 1 July by a local man called Pavel Petrov in a forest between Mostovaya Street and Chekistsky Road. 

'It was me and my father who found the body. He was sitting on a pine tree some 50 metres away from the road.

'The rescuer who took the body off the tree said that most likely the man got so cold he decided to climb the tree, where he died from hypothermia.'

The man was dressed in a navy vest, a sweatshirt, trousers and valenki (felt boots). He died about eight months ago according to the results of the first examination. 

Tomsk regional Investigative Committee reported that by the moment of his death the man was sitting 15 metres above the ground on a branch, hugging the tree trunk with both hands. 

Investigators work on identifying the man.

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