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Head of emergencies dies a hero rescuing colleagues from flooded KAMAZ truck

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02 September 2016


The road from Kavalerovo to Vladivostok is washed away in two places. Picture: PrimaMedia

Until the last minute the Emergencies (EMERCOM) head for Primorye helped his team of eight rescuers to escape but could not flee the stricken vehicle himself. 

He is the first  fatality from Typhoon Lionrock in Russia. The truck was washed away while crossing  the River Pavlovka. 

Federal Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has instituted a state of emergency in place across the entire Primorye region. The region is currently hosting a number of world leaders at the Eastern Economic Forum near Vladivostok.

KAMAZ drowned

KAMAZ drowned

The road from Kavalerovo to Vladivostok is washed away in two places. Picture: PrimaMedia

Storm warnings were announced in Primorye for 4, 5 and 6 September from the typhoon which killed 11 in Japan. Heavy rain is awaited in eastern in southern districts. Rivers can face a second wave of flooding.

A damn burst in Chuguevsky district, forcing locals to flee to the nearest hillocks. They were reported waiting in heavy rain but cannot be reached because of the severe flooding.

Across the region, there are 2,500 flooded houses, 23 roads have been wrecked or submerged. Nine bridges are destroyed and 17 localities are marooned. 

Emergency evacuation in Chuguevsky district. 

Comments (2)

Thoughts and prayers to this law enforcement officer, his family, friends and coworkers that he served and shared his life with. God bless him. Also prayers to all along with the first responders as well.
Arthur Boyko, Lakeport MI U.S.A.
07/09/2016 00:32
Another place, another hero, everyone should be so proud of these real hero's who sacrifice their lives daily so that others remain safe & well.

May his soul rest in peace & condolences to his family.
Jaker, Dundalk
03/09/2016 10:42

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