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A portal to another dimension? Strange cloud over Siberia

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15 September 2016


Meteorologists assured worried locals that it was a funnel cloud. Picture: Anonim 03

Among the theories: 'Zeus has arrived' and 'A portal to another dimension has opened'.

Users commented: 'How scary!', 'My god!', and 'What's going on?'

Meteorologists assured worried locals that it was a funnel cloud, which is they say is a high flying tornado that has not reached the Earth's surface. 

Social media alive with comments over the funnel-like formation in the skies over the village of Gonda in Buryatia. Pictures: Anonim 03

Strange cloud in Buryatia

Strange cloud in Buryatia

Comments (4)

I think the funnel formed in the sky siberia is an incomplete twister,, that is to say did not have enough energy to be born from the soil or land
walter fernando rojas tezen, region lambayeque- republica del peru
17/09/2016 08:54
That's the Devil sticking out his "Tongue".
Jaker, Dundalk
17/09/2016 02:15
With the ever increasing amounts of methane being released from the thawing Arctic, the interaction of the flow upwards of the methane seeking equilibrium is going to be creating a whole new set of circumstances none of us have seen before. The rotation of the planet, and the wind patterns created by that rotation, coupled with the relatively shallow layer near the Arctic region, creates flow patterns of wind, in the higher atmosphere, the methane stabilizes at a very high altitude.
The atmosphere near the Equator is much more agreeable to conditions the methane can accumulate at. The past summer of 2016, has provided many photographers with the circumstances to witness many opportunities to photograph noctilucent clouds, in many countries all around the planet, at lower latitudes. The methane is seeking an escape. On youtube, there is a video, Noctilucent cloud storm. It is a methane flow, induced by the rotation of the planet, along the natural wind patterns of what is called the Ferrel Cells, bringing the Arctic moisture and methane, along the higher levels of the atmosphere of the Earth, towards the Equator, at 38 degrees north latitude, there is a boundary, of the Hadley Cell, extending to 31 degrees North latitude. The "Horse Latitudes", the moisture brought to the lower latitudes, falls away, delivering tremendous amounts of rain in a short period of time, all around the planet.
We are witnessing the beginning of new circumstances, and the planet's reaction to the warming that has happened so far, is just getting started.
bernard, 30 degreesnorth, 90 degreeswest
16/09/2016 15:00
That's look like a Tornado try to get started,but the circumstances like Pressurization, %-tage of Humidity, aren't right and not enough Warm moist air that rises and cold dry air that "sinks"and Create a Highly Electrically Charged, Wet low Pressure System so it can kick in & start a Tornadoes ,Hurricanes, Typhoon, Cyclones or other Tropical Storms. It did not work in Siberia! It ain't no "Portal to another Dimension"
jozseffrd, Watson Lake,Yukon Territory,Canada
16/09/2016 13:39

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