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Yeti reappears in Siberia after more than a year

By The Siberian Times reporter
17 October 2016

Following a 'sighting' by local official, hunters reveal 'footprints' that do not belong to bear or any other known creature.

'Judging by the footsteps it walked strangely - toes inside, and the step is wide.' Picture:

There has been a gap of almost 14 months since the last Yeti evidence in Siberia, an unusually long interval with no sightings of the mythical creature or its footprints. 

But today there is news of footprints near the village of Eryomino, close to the Chyoka River, in the Kyshtovsky district, Novosibirsk region, regarded as a little off the beaten track for the abominable snowman aka Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

Alexei Kovalenko, a hunter and a fisherman, revealed these recent pictures of mysterious footprints, prompting the head of the village council in Kulyaba in the same district - Alexander Shadrin to disclose that on September 17 he came face to face with a yeti which had been terrorising cows at night.

'I was greatly scared,' he confessed, explaining the creature was 'all hairy' and 'light silver' in colour. 


'The toe are pressed, and the trace of the heel is barely noticeable. Apparently, he is walking quietly, almost silently.' Picture:

On the latest footprints, Kovalenko said: 'I was fishing, and ran out of earthworms. I went along the river to dig some, and I saw a footstep. I initially thought that it was a human's. I looked closer and realised that it did not look like a human's . 

'It also did not look like bear's footprint. 'I'm a hunter, and I know what a bear's mark is like. It has a different shape and claws... And this one has no claws. And judging by the footsteps it walked strangely - toes inside, and the step is wide. 

'The footsteps were strongly pressed into the ground, obviously because of the weight of the creature. The footsteps went to the water. Obviously the creature had come  from Bespyatovka [abandoned village], crossed the Chyoka River and went on to the creek on the other side.'

The trail led to a sandy area nearby. 'The footstep was clear as the sand was wet... The step width is big, meaning the creature was high. I rushed to my wife, she took a camera and we made pictures.'


'Obviously the creature had come  from Bespyatovka [abandoned village], crossed the Chyoka River and went on to the creek on the other side.' Picture:

The commotion led another fisherman Alexander Goloburdo, from Kyshtovka village, to cross the river  to examine the evidence. He brought his friend Vladimir Sychyov.

'We crossed the river in our boat and he showed us the strange footsteps - wide, and without claws,' he said. 'I'm also experienced hunter, so I know that bear footsteps look different,' he said. 

'And they are not human. The toe are pressed, and the trace of the heel is barely noticeable. Apparently, he is walking quietly, almost silently.'

The footprints led Mr Shadrin to open up on his earlier sightings of a yeti in the same region, but some 58 kilometres from the latest footprint sighting. 

'I would never believe this if I had not seen with my own eyes,' he recounted. 'After work, it was already 10 pm. I was riding on a motorcycle in my district. I suddenly saw the cows running towards me. They should have been sleeping.



Footprints were spotted near the village of Eryomino, close to the Chyoka River, another evidence came from Kulyaba village, in 58 kilometre. Pictures: The Siberian Times

'After the cows ran away, I saw glowing eyes in the dark. At first I thought it was a calf that had lagged behind. And when I was some 15 metres from this creature and lit it with my headlight, I realised what it really was - and even my heels turned cold.

'Its height was roughly 2.5 metres, all hairy - light silver hairs ... I was greatly scared...' 

Mr Shadrin's phone did not answer when The Siberian Times called for more information of his sighting, and further details on the footprints in his district. Local media reports do not state when he saw the alleged yeti. 

Most purported Siberian sightings of yeti, or claims of the discovery of footprints, or hair, are in neighbouring Kemerovo region. The last footprints were sighted here in September 2015. There are plans to develop yeti-hunting tours here.  

Comments (9)

Reading Igor Burtsev's comment I remember
Dr. Meldrum's view to the Yeti conference, organized by Burtsev and his guys in Siberia - maybe the first scientific
and critical voice from the US on the Russian Bigfoot research. Google for this:
American Bigfoot scientists and researchers felt hoodwinked by Russian Yeti event"
Mikola Sev, Kiev, Ukraine
22/02/2018 02:38
A similar encounter happened in some 2007 in Kyshtovka. The reporter of Zhizn (Life) nespaper, Moscow, Grigory Telnov visited that place on my recomendation and investigated the case. One huntsman and a policman took part in that investigation, and they came to conclusion that it was a real human like creature who left the footprints.
And there were many reports from the neighbouring Kemerovo region for last several years about hominoids' activities there, and their foot prints were found there and even themselves were taken to the mobile phone cam by a school-boys in January, 2013
Igor Burtsev, Moscow, Russia
24/07/2017 03:15
It's the Siberian amazonas patrolling keeping the Kim Kardashian fat ass religious movement at bay. ;)
Vaeltaja, Finland
23/10/2016 02:48
Yes, I am very tall man. I am big and with much hair. Grey hair. I am old man. Sometimes I hunt mushrooms there. I like barefoot. Sorry. My wife is sometimes afraid also.
Igor, Eryomino, Russia
20/10/2016 17:45
Doesn't quite fit the shape of a bear print
Mat, Bush
20/10/2016 04:13
No Question it was Yeti

This is a race of Giant Wild Men with special Powers that exist all over the World

I believe that they are an Human Angelic Hybred
Michael Sprague, Markham , Ontario Canada
20/10/2016 03:50
If it's a bear print what happened to it's claws.
Paddlebot 5000, Seattle, USA
20/10/2016 03:38
Please don't let anyone harm this man. He is a human.
Morgan, Fairfax, California United States
20/10/2016 01:56
Looks like a bear print to me. And I'm a believer.
Wee Liam, Henrico, USA
19/10/2016 10:07

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