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A giant flash across Siberian sky: meteor, missile, fallout from spacecraft?

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06 December 2016


A bright hello from space. Picture: The Siberian Times

A radiant flash across the early evening sky on Tuesday was seen across several areas of Khakassia in southern Siberia. The most likely explanation appears to be a meteor which burnt in the atmosphere before hitting the ground. 

'We saw a flash, and in about two minutes our houses vibrated and we heard thunder, and car alarms went off,' said one witnesses.

A local woman said: 'I went for a walk with my friends. We stopped by the shop and my friend screamed when she saw a bright flash, and then there was an explosion.

'All the car alarms immediately went off. We were so scared. My father said windows were vibrating. We think it was a meteor.'

Meteor in Siberia
A bright hello from space. Picture: The Siberian Times

Children were filmed skating on ice when they flash illuminated the sky behind them at around 6.50pm local time. 

A young male witness said: 'It was as bright as daytime. I did not understand at first what it was. 

'Then an explosion followed and the boom came from a long distance away. 

'I've seen shooting stars before, but nothing like this. 

'I don't know how to describe it properly. From a tiny spot above my head, it turned into a huge ball, bigger than a car.

'There was a bright flash, like in the middle of the day; then for about 40-to-60 seconds we heard a loud boom.'

Meteor in Siberia
From night to day to night. A meteor pictured by people at local skating rink. Picture: The Siberian Times

According to the Emergencies Ministry, it was a meteor that completely burned out in the atmosphere, somewhere above Sayanogorsk town. 

There was no damage on the ground.

Yet the following quote from the ministry was later deleted, it was reported. 


'The shining thing (supposedly a meteor) burned in the atmosphere and the burning came with a bright flash and a distinct sound. Picture: Dima_S

It was unclear why. 

'At 6.50 pm in southern districts of Khakassia republic, a shining object was visible in the sky,' said the statement that later disappeared. 

'The shining thing (supposedly a meteor) burned in the atmosphere and the burning came with a bright flash and a distinct sound. 

'Working groups of the Emergencies Ministry initiated checks on main industrial sites. All of them are working normally.'

Meteor in Siberia
A meteor over Khakassia. Picture: The Siberian Times

The ministry said that contact had been made with space agency RosKosmos - and no launches were undertaken at this time; nor were any satellites known to have crashed to Earth. 

There were no reports of missile launches from the Defence Ministry. 

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We should not care about Sky meteors.
Adi, Budapest
08/12/2016 19:21

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