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Dead are buried from mass alcohol poisoning which left 7 children as orphans

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22 December 2016


Locals had complained as long ago as July about the sale of the bath lotion as an alcoholic drink, but the authorities failed to act. Picture:

Funerals have begun for the Irkutsk people - many of them poor - who were poisoned to death by drinking contaminated alcohol. Some 74 have died, and another 34 remain in hospital.

A funeral company employee in hard-hit Novo-Lenino district said: 'The burials of victims began yesterday.' Some died from drinking bath lotion containing unsafe alcohol, others from counterfeit vodka. 

At least seven children have been made orphans after losing both parents, say reports in the Siberian city.

A seven year old girl rushed to neighbours when she saw her mother and father deteriorating before here eyes. 'They called an ambulance but it was too late - both her parents died,' said a source. 


Some 74 have died, and another 34 remain in hospital. Picture: Current Time

A dozen people have been arrested over the poisoning, the worst in modern Russian history. Locals had complained as long ago as July about the sale of the bath lotion - or oil - as an alcoholic drink, but the authorities failed to act, said reports. 

President Putin ordered his government to tighten laws governing the manufacture and sale of alcohol-containing products following the deadly mass poisoning from  bath essence.

Excise duties had been kept low on products that could be used as surrogate alcohol, he said. 

'We can see what such lax rules are leading to: people are dying like flies by the dozens,' he warned. 'I don't even know how to qualify this,' he said.

Russia's top investigator Alexander Bastrykhin flew to Irkutsk this week to head the investigation into the sale of the poisonous drinks. 

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In the U.S. we have a huge problem with what is being marketed as "Bath Salts",...they are actually a synthetic drug trying to mimic MMDA., by changing a little of the formula, they stay ahead of the laws by changing the drug faster than laws can be made to make them illegal., It seems ironic that in Siberia, alcohol is being counterfeited, and then sold as "Bath Lotion".,...I don't understand why anyone would bother with "fake" alcohol when it's fairly easy to make yourself., from just putting a balloon over the neck of a half gallon jug of grape juice with a cup of sugar mixed in, put it in a warm corner and wait a few weeks..., any self respecting prisoner can make a passable brew with materials at hand,..."pruno" it's called in the U.S. ,...Some of the best whiskey in the world is brewed in backwoods, primitive , stills., copper tubing, sugar, and corn, or other grains were all they needed.,...why aren't more people making beer, or wine, or ? at home?,...Here in Washington state, marijuana is legal., it's easy to grow, (it's a weed !), and has no adverse health effects., you don't feel like fighting, or beating your wife when your smoking, or eating marijuana either.,...oh, and NOBODY has EVER died from it., you can grow it indoors, under lights too. :-)
michael jon houston, spokane,washington, USA
27/12/2016 04:33
The smartest choice wound be to NOT drink any of it. Alcohol is Not good for you.
Darwin, USA
22/12/2016 19:59
it is sad that this happens. Mr. Putin will provide answers.
Peter Smith, Spring City/USA
22/12/2016 16:51

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