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'The few descriptions of Irkutsk had spoken of it as the Paris of Siberia'

Man 'kidnapped and raped girl, 12, throwing her alive into 100-metre deep mineshift'

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02 February 2017


Viktoria Reymer, 12, from Novokuznetsk, went missing on January 26. Picture: The Siberian Times

The girl died from injuries of the head, neck and chest after being thrown into a shaft at a mine where her father was killed in an accident, say reports tonight. 

The story has shocked people all over Russia. 

Viktoria Reymer, 12, from Novokuznetsk, went missing on January 26 after going out to visit her adult sister in the city. She was supposed to take a bus, but never arrived. 

Evgeny Bukharin

Evgeny Bukharin

Suspect Evgeny Bukharin, 40, married father-of-two, detained by police in Kemerovo region. Pictures: The Siberian Times

Police were tipped off that the suspect was involved and found the girl's blood on his snowmobile. The man initially claimed he had accidentally run over the girl, and drove her home to help her.

He told police that when they arrived at her home she was dead. In panic, he hid her body and late at night took it to an air shaft in the local mine where he dropped her. The width of the shaft is one one metre in diameter.

Body found

The police managed to lift the body from the narrow air shaft. Picture: NKTV

But after police lift the body to the surface, forensic analysis indicated the suspect's story was flawed, said investigators. 

A source said: 'According to preliminary version, the accused was driving his snowmobile and saw the girl waiting at the bus stop. He offered to give her a ride to her sister's.

Leaflet for volunteers

Viktoria Reymer

Untill January 31 volunteers and police hoped to find the girl alive. Pictures: The Siberian Times

'Since she knew the man, she agreed. But the attacker took the victim to his house, where he raped her. Then he took the child to the air shift and threw her into it.'

Forensic analysis showed 'that the girl was still alive when he threw her in the shaft'. She died of from the injuries to the head, neck and chest, caused by the 100 metre fall.

The suspect is believed to be a workmate of the dead girl's father who died in a mining accident, and to have known her mother, Olga.

Comments (8)

i fes a sweet so sad in my prayes rip el bad he divers to die but she dind,t she wa
naddlie, California
02/02/2020 08:29
I believe they should torture him for doing that to a kid like who does that, that meand he is dumb or just plain old stupid be nice for once
Sean, Somewhere in usa
21/03/2018 10:18
It is an criminal act...he is an animal , he is psychiatric. They should make him suffer. They should put him in a plane and through him from up , to be a lesson for all sick persons . Russia is not used for such kind of crimes .
Wael, Masqat - Oman
04/02/2017 14:42
How barbaric, why would someone do this to this little girl. The victims family mother must be devastated. This criminal should be thrown down the shaft and left to die of his injuries. He is the devil of Siberia
Grant Hibbs, Delta BC - Canada
04/02/2017 03:39
I hope he dies in pain and agony. Poor child.
.., Athens, GR
04/02/2017 03:14
He should go down the air shaft too. Not revenge but justice. He has given up his right to live with people.
Ed, Prescott, Arizona, USA
03/02/2017 23:48
Straight down the same shaft head first and be finished with this.
The populace is revolted. Revenge achieves nothing.
A restriction is set up to funnel the mans entrance to the shaft. The man must dive in by himself - albeit under coercion.
The Creator deals with the remaining details.
, /
03/02/2017 23:25
WHY IS THERE NO MORE DEATH SENTENCE FOR CASES LIKE THIS? though hopefully he will end up with the hard boys who do not like child molesters. and there he can pray every day that the next night will be his last one.
Benedikt, Moscow
03/02/2017 10:59

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