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'Kill him for raping my daughter, 12, and throwing her alive into 100-metre deep mineshaft'

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09 February 2017


Viktoria Reymer, 12, and her mother Olga, 43. Picture: The Siberian Times

Viktoria Reymer, 12, from Novokuznetsk, died from injuries of the head, neck and chest after being thrown to her death into a shaft at a mine where her father was killed in an earlier accident, according to preliminary evidence.

Suspect Evgeny Bukharin, 40, married father-of-two, a family friend, is held in detention suspected of raping the child then throwing her in the 100 metre deep mineshaft. 

Now her mother has spoken about her daughter's tragic death, and the man held on suspicion of killing her. 

'This is the scream of a mother,' said Olga, 43. 'God, I wish no one else goes through all this, the things that I've passed through. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.'

Olga Reymer speaks

Olga has spoken about her daughter's tragic death to the local June TV channel. Picture: June TV

On the night she died, Viktoria (Vika) walked to the bus stop to and then was due to take a 26 minute journey to her adult sister Alyona's flat when she would stay the night. 

Frantically, Olga and her sister called her cell phone but there was no response. They tracked her route but to no avail and then alerted the police. 

Bukharin is suspected of offering her a lift at the bus stop but then taking her to his home, where he raped her, according to evidence from the case. Later, he hid her body in the mineshaft. 

'It didn't cross my mind that this person could commit such a violent crime,' she said in a local TV interview. 'I don't know how... I have no words to describe it. 

Olga and Viktoria

Olga revealed: 'The investigation says that he threw her alive to that shaft.' Picture: The Siberian Times

'We've known each other since childhood, we grew up in the same street, we were family friends, he has children, and does this. I don't know why. Revenge? Revenge for what? What is the child guilty of? 

'If it wasn't Vika, somebody else would have been in her place, some other child, someone's child.'

She said the investigation has found Vika's blood on his bed sheet. Her phone and school backpack were at his home too. 

She confronted the man suspected of raping and killing her daughter in a detention facility, as part of the probe by the Investigative Committee, equivalent of the FBI, she revealed. 

'I saw him face-to-face. He's not a human. I don't know what to call him. I simply asked him a question. Yes, I had a moment of anger, hatred, I asked him: 'God, tell me, where is my child? You have kids of your own, how will they live after this?' 

Alyona and Vika

Viktoria Reymer (right) with her eldest sister Alyona. Picture: The Siberian Times

'He simply turned his face away. And then nothing at all.' She said he is using his right to remain silent under the constitution.

'At first he told law enforcement he didn't remember [where Vika's body was hidden]. But thanks to volunteers, thanks to Liza Alert (an organisation that searches for missing people), she was found.'

Agonisingly she revealed: 'The investigation says that he threw her alive to that shaft.'

She told viewers: 'Punishment? He's not a human. To shoot him dead seems not enough. I don't know. He should have shot himself dead in detention. He was too much a coward to do that - insteads he tortures a child. How can he live after this? Yes, let them shoot him dead, kill him.'

Evgeny Bukharin

Suspect Evgeny Bukharin, 40, married father-of-two, a family friend, is held in detention suspected of raping the child then throwing her in the 100 metre deep mineshaft. Picture: The Siberian Times

Russia no longer uses the death penalty for those guilty of murder. 

'Such a law should be implemented so that people who do such things are shot dead immediately,' she pleaded. 'They are not humans, but monsters who are torturing our children. There are children who went missing and haven't been found. There are thousands... any mother, whatever she's like, it's her child, her blood.'

'There are people who have been really sympathetic, who have been really supportive,' she said. 'Of course, big thanks, very big thanks to them. 

'But there are people who were simply smiling and looking... God forbid, am telling you, no one goes through this. Any mother, regardless of their child, it's her blood, a part of her. You should appreciate of the moments you have.'




Police, rescuers and investigators on the search for Vika's body. Pictures: Investigative Committee in Kemerovo region, NTV

The man initially claimed he had accidentally run over the girl, and drove her home to help her. He told police that when they arrived at her home she was dead. In panic, he hid her body and late at night took it to an air shaft in the local mine where he dropped her. 

A source said: 'According to the preliminary version, the accused was driving his snowmobile and saw the girl waiting at the bus stop. He offered to drive her to her sister's.

'Since she knew the man, she agreed. But the attacker took the victim to his house, where he raped her. Then he took the child to the air shift at the mine and threw her into it.'

Law enforcement sources confirmed the man is held in detention on suspicion of rape and murder as the investigation continues. 

Comments (6)

Make him suffer if they haven't yet and make him eat a handful of poisonous things to kill him for the crime.
Sean, Somewhere in us
17/09/2018 10:54
Send him to the Black Dolphin.
Manfred Kirchner, Alaska, USA
13/02/2017 00:09
What an evil, heartless monster. He deserves to suffer.
rose , USA
12/02/2017 15:25
He should get life at hard labor without the chance of parole.
Doc, U.S.
11/02/2017 10:27
The man who committed this awful, diabolical, crime should be tied to a post...his genitalia exposed and then removed with a pair of pinking shears...or a dull butcher knife. His soul is dammed for this awful crime against the innocent little girl and her family. Justice will prevail, though, when he gets to prison...someone will revenge the death of this angelic little girl.
Ozzie Finley, West Virginia, USA
10/02/2017 07:50
I agree with the mother... Lets hope he has a really ruff time in prison and some jail house justice is served !
Grant Hibbs, Delta BC - Canada
10/02/2017 00:55

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