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'The Eastern Section of the Great Vasyugan Mire has been nominated for the Unesco World Heritage List'

Listen to this male snow leopard's love song in the Eastern Sayan mountains

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13 February 2017


Many people still believe that these large secretive cats can't roar due to the physiology of their throat. Picture: Following Snow Leopard Volunteers Expedition 

Spotted by a camera trap in the Republic of Buryatia, this snow leopard has debunked the 'no roar' theory about snow leopards, says a leading Russian authority on the wild animals. 

Dmitry Medvedev, president of the Irklutsk-based Snow Leopard Foundation, says the mating season cry is proof.

'Many people still believe that these large secretive cats can't roar due to the physiology of their throat, unlike lions, tigers and leopard,' he said. 

'This video proves that they can. It shows a large male roaring loudly during a mating season high in the Eastern Sayan mountains.' 

snow leopard roars Siberia

snow leopard roars Siberia
Listen to this male snow leopard's love song in the Eastern Sayan mountains. Pictures: Gazeta Pskov, Dmitry Medvedev

The video which hasn't been previously shared was filmed in March 2014 near the snow leopard research base in Buryatia, and won a video trap competition for cats in 2016. 

Website says the endangered animals  'make sounds similar to those made by other large cats, including a purr, mew, hiss, growl, moan, and yowl.

'However, snow leopards cannot roar due to the physiology of their throat, and instead make a non-aggressive puffing sound called a 'chuff'.'

Yet the sound on this video seems more than a 'chuff'.

Endemic to high and rugged mountains in southern Siberia and central Asia, scientists estimate that there may be as few as 3,920  snow leopards left in the wild.

Comments (10)

The cat,
01/05/2017 23:54
The video clip should be seen in the web-site:
heissan, kerava
22/04/2017 03:25
Put back the "love song", why it had not been set
to a permanent video clip ?
Heissan, Kerava
22/04/2017 03:01
yeti's homecat ?
A Friend Again,
22/04/2017 02:49
A male? This sounds a lot like a domestic female cat in season. Louder and a bit deeper sound, of course.
Brian, U. S.
16/02/2017 10:59
Below is an earlier comment was a little hasty,
now I can repeat this incredible sound so many
times in a row as I want.
A Friend,
16/02/2017 01:20
I would have liked to listen to after a wonderful second time,
but where the video button disappeared ?
A Friend,
15/02/2017 20:26
Cool, we heard this sound during one of our trips in Altai. We already hoped it was a snow leopard but now we are sure :D
Jaap van der kooij, The Netherlands
14/02/2017 21:47
What the male cat is really saying is NOW, NOW, and then the female says NOT NOW, NOT NOW.
Darwin, USA
14/02/2017 08:54
Great vidéo, well done ! Interesting to learn more about snow leopard behaviour . I hope that tourism developpemnt in Buratia will be a sustainable developpement because this region has wonderful wildlife treasures and lanscape.Thanks .
Jocelyne, FRANCE
13/02/2017 15:47

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