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Nuclear town on fire, with residents 'choking' from smoke

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25 April 2017


Nuclear town on fire. Picture: Accidents Zheleznogorsk

The shoking pictures in Zheleznogorsk - a high-security closed nuclear town in Krasnoyarsk region - shows fires close to residential areas. 

Citizens of the Siberian town, established in 1950 for the production of weapons-grade plutonium, took to social media to say they were choking from wildfire smoke.

Streets were covered with thick haze after woodland caught fire.

The strong smell of smoke was felt inside flats and houses. 

 Streets were covered with thick haze after woodland caught fire. Pictures: Accidents Zheleznogorsk

Pictures that were exchanged in the local 'Accidents Zheleznogorsk' community showed how close the fire was to living areas. 

Zheleznogorsk, also known as Atom town and Iron City is 62 kilometres north-east of regional capital Krasnoyarsk. 

It is understood there is no immediate threat to the nuclear plants in the town. 

'All details about the fires are in Moscow, as Zheleznogorsk is closed city and it doesn't report to us',  a journalist from TVK6, a Krasnoyarsk-based TV company, was told by the local Ministry of Emergencies. 

 Wildfires  engulfed an area of 400 hectares. Pictures: Accidents Zheleznogorsk

A local newspaper reported that wildfires  engulfed an area of 400 hectares, apparently starting from dry grass catching fire. 

Fire brigades had to make more than 30 trips to stop the flames spreading further. 

Latest reports say the situation is  'normal', although nearby Krasnoyarsk announced regime of 'unfavourable meteorological conditions' because of heavy smoke coming from Zheleznogorsk.  

Comments (7)

This news is very the sound of situation that my country is in now.
Rui, Japan
02/05/2017 07:00

Japan is now dealing with a fire nears its nuclear meltdown area of Fukushima.

ENENEWS is reporting on this.
Ana, home
01/05/2017 07:04
If people are choking from the smoke then the town is in danger, period. Will come back to this article tomorrow or next week. Siberian Times, keep up the good work, you do it "Very Well".
Jaker, Dundalk
30/04/2017 11:01
Dear lord, don't tell me you Russians are brainwashed by the AGW cult too!! Are you effing kidding me?? You people are smarter than that - come on. The truth always comes out in the wash, and in the case of the Global Warming™ much time has already passed. And now there are massive amounts of data that are now proving - not with logical arguments, but with actual real-world data and empirical evidence, that there is essentially zero warming occurring on any scale larger than the last couple hundred years. Quit listening to Bill Nye The Not-So-Sciencey Guy and do your due diligence instead. Don't be left behind!
Steve Kasian, Claremont, CA
29/04/2017 16:44
CO2 is not a pollutant, it's good for plants to regrow again. It's part of life.

And if you are brainwashed into believing this is Global Warming, no it's not. It's Global Cooling.

Thone Siharath, London
26/04/2017 22:30
Spring has only just started and Summer is on it's way.
Don't think you have seen the worse. That has yet to come.
The permafrost is thawing even faster now that there are fires warming things up. Underneath that permafrost is even more methane (flammable) and CO2, both are greenhouse gases.
The shit is hitting the fan now.
Hold on to your seats. The ride is getting bumpy.
Kirk, Canada
26/04/2017 00:56
SibTimes i think you could have done better. the headlines are only clickbite. the TOWN is not on fire. - only - the forest around it. that is bad enough, but from the photos and the article, the town is not in danger....
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
25/04/2017 18:27

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