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One dead, four stranded as large chunk of ice collapses at Kamchatka waterfall

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07 January 2021


The Vilyuchinsky waterfall, south of the Kamchatka peninsula. Picture: Lidia Pazynina

A group of six tourists got hit by collapsing ice from a 40-metres-high Vilyuchinsky waterfall in the south of the Kamchatka peninsula. 

One person was killed at the spot, and a child - heavily wounded - was pulled out to safety by eye-witnesses, and transported downhill. 

Four people are reported stranded under the ice rubble. 

An emergency helicopter was despatched to the site with rescuers, medics and investigators. 

‘One person died, another was pulled out and taken downhill from the waterfall, four people were left under the ice’, press service of regional Ministry of Emergency Situations said. 

Video of the Vilyuchinsky waterfall by Olga Bachinina, G Nizhegorodtsev 

Vilyuchinsky waterfall - also known as Tsar’s Icicle - is  on the northwestern slope of the Vilyuchinsky volcano, one of the most popular tourist sites on the peninsula. 

The waterfall is 40 metres (131ft) high, and is formed by thawing glaciers.

In winter it often freezes, resembling a giant icicle and attracting hundreds of visitors. 

The tourist  group was reported to be from Khabarovsk. 


Comments (1)

Hope they are still alive.
Eric Dixey, Windham
08/01/2021 21:51

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