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'Lake Baikal: the very name fills Russian hearts with awe'

One million trees to heal burnt Siberian taiga

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02 August 2019


Since the start of the initiative more than 24 hours ago funds were gathered to plant 53 667 trees

One of Russia’s biggest airlines to provide EUR1.4 for every Siberia ticket sold online to replant trees. 

S7 Airlines - known as Sibir, meaning Siberia, from 1992 till 2005 - has temporarily changed its name back to what it used to be as part of fundraising campaign.

Siberia is the homeland of our airline’, said the airline in a statement. 

‘We cannot be indifferent to the environmental situation in the region. 

‘Forest fires in Siberia have spread to more than 3 million hectares.

‘We are temporarily returning to our historical name, which is Siberia Airlines, and launching an initiative to replenish forests in Siberia.’  

One million trees to heal burnt Siberian taiga

One million trees to heal burnt Siberian taiga

One million trees to heal burnt Siberian taiga

Since the start of the initiative more than 24 hours ago funds were gathered to plant 53 667 trees. 

The official name of the airline is Siberia Airlines although mot passengers know it as S7.

It is part of the Oneworld Alliance which includes American Airlines, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, LATAM, and Japan Airlines.

It is the second largest Russian airline after state-owned Aeroflot with its headquarters in Ob, Novosibirsk region.

Comments (10)

There was just a segment on 60MINUTES about a Russian scientist& his son who have spent their lives trying to GET RID of trees in Siberia in order to reduce heating .... and preserve the permafrost .... I urge you to look into it
John, Detroit USA
11/08/2019 02:28
all those trees and the wildlife -tragic, siberian forests are so beautiful and mysterious, so vast, do hope they can replace lost flora and fauna,
Mary-Ann White, United Kingdom
09/08/2019 01:15
I feel sad for the fire divastation and all the lost of living things in Siberia. Even that I live in Europe, this dramatic event affect US all. I wish we change our ways of living and can reverse the processus ongoing. We should not dépend on pour gouvernement to start it now. Planting trees would help abit but we need to do more.
Bebert, France
08/08/2019 20:58
I n the USA many years ago, maybe 2 5, 30 years, Yellowstone National park was a blackened slimy mess. It has healed. I'm not sure how much help it received from people, but nature has a way. The spring after the fires the wildflowers took my breath away and little tree seedlings popped up everywhere. Many of the old trees came back, some from the roots, some from the side that wasn't burned so bad. Yes, people should help, but life finds a way. The park isn't exactly the same, more like a wounded warrior.
PSylGar, Hallsville,USA
08/08/2019 13:39
I would like to join such an initiative and donate. This should be a common effort of all people interested in environment protection.It is also important to help the hundreds of wild animals affected by the disaster. My thoughts are with all those affected by fire in the region of Siberia
Bianca Bretan, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
05/08/2019 00:45
Aboriginies in Australian "outback" have for thousands of years been periodically setting fire to large forested areas in a cleaning act that actually fertilises the land some and clears all the life choking dead trees, dry weeds etc. Typically done just before the growing season and only if it is bone dry, the effect is like taking 2 steps back to take 4 steps forward. It heals the land. The fires burning in the Siberian Taiga are releasing massive tonnage of ash into the atmosphere that blows downwind thousands of miles which seeds clouds causing rain elsewhere, farming profits, mega tonnage difference in yields for whole countries.
Solar minimum/maximum cycle is about 3 years into a minimum. 6 years after 3 years from now we enter a solar maximum. This will become lethally hot in some areas and no doubt create famines. After this is an expected GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM LASTING AVERAGE OF150 YEARS!
What? A mini ice-age is expected to start after the next 10 years ;)
JCN, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
04/08/2019 19:15
Thank you for taking this initiative and to everyone involved and participating in it. I share everyone's feelings of heartbreak and gut-wrenching anguish. I hope that Russia will bring to bear a team of scientists, engineers, forestry and wildlife experts as well as citizens certainly to work closely with nature to help nature with the recovery process.
Pamela K Tetarenko, United States
03/08/2019 19:37
So happy to see that someone has taken the initiative to do something positive for the country and woken up to the call, as central government has not the funds nor the inclination to do anything similar.
Simon G.B. Roberts, Buxted. UK
03/08/2019 16:50
A worthy goal. However, 30 million hectares at a modest 1000 trees per hectare requires 30 billion seedings which survive the first years.
David B. Benson , Pullman wa USA
03/08/2019 13:16
In happier times, I also used to fly Siberian S7 between Kyiv and Moscow to connect to my long haul flights to the Far East.

Excellent airline and commendable initiative!

The region of Siberia is in all of our thoughts, at this difficult time.
David Mann, Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine
03/08/2019 09:26

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