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'If you emptied Lake Baikal, it would take every river in the world flowing into it a year to fill.'

Plea for homeless pets as worst-ever floods in Russian Far East finally subside

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29 September 2013


A total of 8 million square kilometres was hit by the worst-ever floods - almost double the size of the European Union. Picture: Amurmedia 

The human and financial cost of the floods across major Far East regions is proving hard to count. Emergencies minister Vladimir Puchkov stated that not one life was lost as a result of the deluge, as he lifted a state of emergency in Khabarovsk after 7 weeks. 

A total of 8 million square kilometres was hit: almost double the size of the European Union, but the total numbers evacuated from their homes was lower than initially feared. And while efforts are now underway to help residents of homes ruined by the flooding, a petition in Khabarovsk signed by almost 50,000  has demanded assistance for the animals which suffered from the natural disaster.

'It affects not only people, but animals caught in the flooded areas', said the petitioners. 'Food, water and warm clothing supply was organised for people suffering from the disaster. But nothing was organised for the animals.

'Dogs suffer more than anyone, as it is hard to find new families for them. 

'Wet, hungry and abandoned, they run around flooded streets, and hide on the rooftops and boat stations.'

Plea for homeless pets as worst-ever floods in Russian Far East finally subside

'Food, water and warm clothing supply was organised for people; nothing was organised for the animals. Picture: Amurmedia 

The dogs 'begin to gather into the pack and become aggressive. As the result animals that were once man's best friends, and household pets, will have to be caught and killed. But this can be prevented. 

'On behalf of Russian animal activists we are asking for help in solving the problem with a temporary placement of the animals.'

In Khabarovsk there were said to be 50 abandoned dogs and 100 cats but around vast flooded Far East the problem is magnified many times. They suffered during the floods, receiving a lot of stress, and were left without a home,' said petition organiser Natalia Kovalenko.

'They gratefully took food out of the hands of rescuers and volunteers. The land that we are asking for would be 2,500-3,000 square metres which would be enough to accommodate all the animals. The area will have enough space for the dog houses or enclosures and some space for walking the animals. For some unknown reason the petition was forwarded to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This was the only response we got from the authorities.

'Now people are returning to their homes, and the look after neighbours' animals. Yet many remain in need of aid, she said. 

Comments (3)

I am learning so much about the Siberian times here in England. Four Paws an animal charity are global too. they helped free animals from Gaza and can animals in Russia too!! please contact them in a crisis
nicola, england
11/09/2019 13:27
Thank you, Siberian Times, for caring about this issue. After the typhoons of 2004, my state had many abandoned animals. Because of this experience, there are now plans in place for animal rescue operations before a disaster happens. People who care about animals have organized themselves. The government did not do it. The Siberian Times is helping by making people more aware of this issue. Perhaps many more people will think of animals in need because of your article.
Mara Mai, USA
01/10/2013 01:39
not fair
Tanya , Irkutsk Siberia
29/09/2013 13:27

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